By Bridget AMARAEGBU ( Bridget Amaraegbu )

Mr Johnson, unknown to his wife, has been having an illicit affair with his maid, Ekaete for a very long time. But Ekaete didn’t know how to report the matter to her madam for fear of the unknown, and so kept the trauma to herself. Then one fateful day, Mrs Johnson decided to clean up the house since she was on her annual leave, only to discover a used condom in their apartment.

“Wow!” She exclaimed.  “How did this thing get into my house?” She beckoned to her maid. And to her greatest surprise, the maid began to weep. “Madam,” she began, “ I don dey think how to tell you this thing since. But I no fit because I no wan scatter your family. Since when I come this house, Oga no dey let me rest. Madam, anytime when you no dey for house, Oga go dey sleep with me. Madam, abeg, I don tire to stay here. Carry me go back to my village before Oga go kill me.”

Mrs Johnson was confused as she listened to the poor girl. “Is this true? Could this be happening under my own roof? Am I dreaming or something?” She hoped it was  a dream  she could  wake up from but it wasn’t. “What will I do?” She kept wondering. “ Should I confront my husband or just keep it to myself and send the maid back to the village?”

The next morning, she asked the maid to pack her belongings and sent her back to the village but swore never to confront her husband about the issue.

Was it right for her maid to have kept the matter to herself all this while? Do you think it was wrong for Mrs Johnson to have sent their maid away? Do you think she still needs to confront her husband or just park out of her matrimonial home? Here are some responses from some of our valued celebrities.
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Get rid of the maid and confront him later — Foluke Daramola, Actress

When things like this happen, it’s always better to let the sleeping dog lie. First things first- which means I’ll  get rid of the maid first then confront my man later. I can decide to leave the matter for up to one month without confronting him. But I’ll surely confront him someday. But again that will be tactically done because if it is not carefully done, you may end up being at fault. People will begin to lay different blames on you. Some will even say you shouldn’t have raised the matter at all.

But I don’t think this woman was right not to have confronted her husband. No matter how bad an issue seems to be, I still think it’s always better to talk it over so that there won’t be any left over.
Most women have had to take all sorts of nonsense from our male counterparts because they always say it’s a mans world abi no be so?
Back to Mrs Johnson’s story, I congratulate her so much for the courage, at least, you and I are aware that so many women out there would have destroyed the maid even before they sent her packing.

Some others may want to kill the man for attempting such while some others will prefer to walk out of their marriage when things like this happen. But I tell you no matter how much havoc you want to rake, don’t forget that there can always be a second chance. Your husband may have made a mistake which is he’s willing to reconcile with so, give him a chance. The fact that he was careful enough to use a condom is another factor to consider. Most men would not care about the condom. But again, I ask myself where has the spirit of God gone to? Why is it that most men can’t keep their marital vows?

Let me tell you another story that will shock you. There’s this nurse who sometimes goes on night shift but unknown to her, her husband was equally having an illicit affair with their maid. You want to know how she found out? Then wait a minute. This woman had gone to work on this fateful night but luckily or unluckily for her, there was no patient in the hospital that night. So, after a long while she decided to drive back home at about 2am. She got home, opened the door with her own keys and went straight to the bedroom but couldn’t find her husband. So, she decided to check other rooms and found him in the arms of their maid, nude and peacefully enjoying the cold of the night.

What can she do? She quickly removed her uniform and hanged it at the entrance of the maids room while she went to bed.
In the morning, she woke up before them, prepared her kids for school and asked her husband to take them to school while she went out to get food for her household. And before she came back, the maid had packed her belongings and ran away while her husband went to report himself to his mother in-law. So, a lot has happened in different marriages and it’s left for everyone of us to choose what is best for his home

My maid can’t destroy my marriage — Stella Damasus, Actress

Well, for me, the first thing will be to get rid of the maid because if she so much loves me, she should have reported the matter early enough. It just won’t be wise to let my maid destroy my home, unless my husband is ready to choose the maid. And I know there’s no man in his right senses that will choose his maid and reject his wife and children, unless something is wrong somewhere.

So, send the maid away, then confront your husband. And if he refuses to apologise, then you can decide for yourself whether he’s worth all the trouble.

•Stella Damasus

Why not, confront him — Mary Uranta, Actress

Really, some men have their wahala with issues like this. But for me, I must confront him notwithstanding what his reaction will be. Whether he admits it or not, whether he flares up or not, the best thing is to confront him so he can explain himself,  even though there’s no excuse for what he has done. And if he asks for forgiveness, I’ll forgive him but it must not repeat again in whatever form. If he doesn’t ask for forgiveness and continues in such act, then I’m sorry I may have to quit the relationship.

Heaven will let loose — Madam Gold, Caterer

Listen carefully, the     best thing you can do in a situation like this is to get rid of the maid and sit tight in your home. I don’t think any man is worth so much trouble that will make me leave my home, no. I’ll stay back and not allow the nonsense to bother me one bit. If he refuses to change, or even asks for forgiveness, then heaven will let loose because I’ll make sure he regrets every bit of what he has done in every way I can. Don’t ask me how?

I’ll  make him pay dearly — Mrs Silvia Danjuma

How can any reasonable man do such a thing? Don’t you think he may be under the influence of something? And for the maid, why didn’t she report the matter to me early enough? If my husband should dare to do any such thing, then he would have provoked the wrath of the gods so he should be prepared to face the music in whatever form it comes.


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