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How football fans reacted to the World Cup ticket

By Patrick Omoriodon

Konto Mohammed says ‘Replace Amodu, but not with a foreigner’

It was a good thing that our Eagles have picked the ticket to South Africa even though the way and manner we got the ticket was questionable.
Those charged with the responsibility of managing our football should think of injecting new and dependable players into the team. Unlike what was the practice during the qualifying series, no matter where the set of players come from,  be they all Ibos, Ijaws, Hausas they must be given the chance to positively represent this great country. The ethnicity difference in the Eagles among the players on the one hand and among the technical crew on the other hand should be done away with for our football to grow and our participation in the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa be a fruitful one for us all to celebrate.

There are even more than enough talents scattered around the country for the technical crew to harness for positive outing in South Africa. We cannot get our bearing if the talents are left behind for the mediocres to take the centre stage at the World Cup campaign.

The technical crew have not done too well and there is the need for their replacement. My calling for their replacement does not mean hiring foreign Technical Adviser for the team. We should look inward for credible hands to handle the team, and not focusing attention on foreign legions that would take the opportunity to service their home talents at the detriment of the job he is contracted to execute. We should be contented with the local content, which is the slogan of this great country. A local Technical Adviser is better even as we need a change.

Amodu should be given a boss  –  Abdulhameed Bello

I don’t really know what is still keeping Shaibu Amodu with the Eagles. After the Eagles’ game against Tunisia I had thought he would have been done with, but he is left to cause more damage to our team.

We really need an experienced manager to take the Eagles to the World Cup as Amodu cannot take us there. If he is still given the responsibility, he cannot take us beyond the first round. In as much as I call for an experienced technical manager for the team, Amodu should not be sacked while he remains as a co-manager. Both the FA and the National Sports Commission should give the technical adviser to be contracted and Amodu same power.

The Eagles really need fresh and young players for the South Africa assignment. I would like players such as Wilson Oruma, Christian Obodo, Victor Anichebe and some others to be injected into the team. The FA should emulate what Brazil does by injecting home-based players into their national team.

Amodu is not doing enough – Peter Olaoye

After we have succeeded in getting the ticket to the 2010 World Cup finals, the next thing is for the stakeholders to re-shuffle the technical crew. The government should also be involved in this exercise.
Shaibu Amodu is not doing enough and one do not expect him to go beyond his intelligence quotient. His experience is not enough to take us to South Africa, and the players he is handling are even more exposed than him; they (players) have had tutorial under more experienced managers in their various clubs overseas. To me, there is a very big gap between him and the players in terms of exposure and experience.

I also noticed there is politicking in the technical crew, and the government should remove the politics in the selection of coaches. Football and sports is not government administration and government should not be bias in the selection of technical crew for the Eagles and other teams.

Now that we have gotten the ticket to South Africa, the Eagles should be dismantled and new and good boys be recruited no matter what it would cost the government. The Fifa vice president, Jack Warner recently noted that the problem of the Golden Eaglets in the recent Under-17 World Cup was not manpower, but the technical crew. Here, the government really need to pump in money if we are to fair well in South Africa.

Problem not Amodu but team selection -Shuaibu Inalegwu

My problem is not with the technical crew as such and Shaibu Amodu so far has been the most successful indigenous coach that we have. He had successfully qualified us for the 2002 and 2010 World Cup finals. The problem had been selection of players for the team.

Players like Seyi Olofinjana, Taiwo Taiye had no business whatsoever to still remain in that team. If the Nigeria Football Federation cannot look inward to bring in new talents to replace those players and some others, certainly we cannot succeed in South Africa.

Olofinjana for me is the weakest link in the Eagles; he doesn’t break attack, he doesn’t coordinate passes as a midfielder then putting more pressure on the defence. Amodu should be asked to go for someone else to take his place.

Amodu can’t take us beyond first round – Greg Cyprain

It was a good thing that we finally got the ticket to go to South Africa, which means we would be among the 32 nations that would converge for the Mundial.

Yes, we are all witness to the qualifying games and saw series of blunders committed. The blunders were not only the fault of the players; the technical crew carry a big question mark as to whether they are capable of successfully taking us to South Africa.

There are many players that are no longer World Cup materials by the time the games in South Africa kicks off next June, which means the FA would need to inject more fresh and talented players into the team.

One need not  delve into the qualifying games that eventually gave us the ticket to South Africa as some of us knew how much was done to realise the slot.

If Amodu should be allowed to continue with the Eagles, I am afraid we might not go beyond the very first round, and we would be punching bag for all the teams in our group games. He should not be sacked for what he has done, but an experienced Technical Adviser need to be contracted to take us to South Africa. The question of sack could come if he (Amodu) refuses to work with and or under any superior boss.

The Technical Adviser to be hired could come from any part of the globe and the terms of contract (to take the Eagles to the final) to be emphasised upon in the document to be endorsed by the parties in the contract.

Amodu can excel if supported — Barrister George Ogbormeh

I was a good thing that the Eagles eventually picked the ticket to go to South Africa.
Yes, both the players and the technical crew have done us well, but few departments need to be overhauled for the South Africa games as the World Cup is a different ball game compared to the qualifying matches.
There are talents scattered around the country and overseas that can excel in South Africa if they are involved.

In my mind, Amodu and co should be given the chance to prove themselves and be given very conducive environment to excel. This is not the time to talk about hiring foreign Technical Adviser, but should be contented with the local materials that we have. If Amodu is accorded same treatment like his foreign counterparts are given, definitely he would excel.

There is a lot of pretence in our football administration as foreign coaches without any pedigree are treated like Angels while ours that are even better experienced are treated with disdain. Amodu should be encouraged and given the required package like the expatriates to excel in South Africa. If somebody like Amodu is not encouraged now, who else would be encouraged and recognised? We should learn to appreciate our own, because if given the enabling environment, he would excel.


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