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Hope rekindles for mothers with Rhesus incompatibility

By Chioma Obinna
Nigerian mothers with children affected with Rhesus Incompatibility will on Thursday heave a sigh of relief as  Rhesus Solutions Initiative and Lagos State Ministry of Health  officially launch an awareness campaign/ free screening programme in the State.

President of  Rhesus Solutions Initiative, Mrs. Olufunmilayo Banire, said women with the problem would be given RhoGam free of charge. Banire who noted that procreation should be a source of joy for every woman but unfortunately the tragedy is that many women and children die during this normal, life-enhancing process resulting from rhesus incompatibility.

Banire said the programme was informed following her quest for knowledge. “I found out that a lot of people in the State were not knowledgeable about their Rhesus factor thus I decided to form Rhesus Solutions Initiative, a Non Governmental Organization aimed at educating women in the State especially at the grassroots about rhesus incompatibility.”

While calling on all on women of child bearing age to ensure they know their blood group and rhesus factor, Mrs. Banire stated that maternal and pre-natal health has emerged as the most important issues that determine global and national well-being.

“This is because every individual, family and community is at some point intimately involved in pregnancy and the success of childbirth. The death of a mother not only affects her immediate family but also the socio-economy of her community”

She explained that the programme would be mainly for women at the grassroots level as most people in the villages who are ignorant of the condition termed them to be as result of Abiku, Ogbanje and in some instances, associated with witchcraft, she advocated health education in sensitising and enhancing the level of awareness of mothers, fathers and members of the community in general about the importance of knowing their blood groups and rhesus factor.

Rhesus Incompatibility is a blood incompatibility disorder where the mother’s blood type is not compatible with the foetus.

This incompatibility results in antibodies from the mother’s rhesus negative blood destroying a rhesus positive bay’s red blood cells on contact.


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