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Dog scandal: Cossy Orjiakor fires back I’ll do it again

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After tales of her unbelievable romp in a controversial pornography with a dog sometime ago, boobs merchant and tiny voiced actress has vowed to shame her detractors, insisting in this encounter with Ishola Balogun on her preparedness to do the same movie over and over again. “The movie is not my stress. I can do the same movie again and again, even with two dogs,” she  declares.

What are you working on presently?

I’ve just returned from Asaba, where I starred in my very first movie in six years . Before now, I had been involved in some TV soaps.

Cossy Orjiakor
Cossy Orjiakor

How are the jobs?

It’s been okay. The tempo increased when a certain news magazine published my cell phone number and this seemed to have drawn business to me. And since that publication, so many producers have reached me.

I have had roles in more than three different soap operas. I featured in Paul Adams’  “Lifestyle,” which is currently being aired on the DSTV channel, “Hi Fit be U,” and “Secret  and  Scandals”.

Recently,  I was invited by Wisdom, a movie producer, to play the role of a prostitute, who along the line repented of her trade to get married. In the movie were artistes like Benita Nzeribe , Pete Edochie and Camellia Mbarepike.

When will the movie hit the market?

I really don’t know. We were not even told the working title.

How was the job?

It was okay. Initially, I thought I’d spend just three days on set but I ended up spending  a week there. It’s fun anyway.

How did  your boyfriend, friends and your close associates react to the dog scandal?

You see, the movie itself is not my stress. I can still do the same movie right now, play the same role and even go as far as doing it with two dogs.

What really pissed me off was role the producer, director and the costumier played in the whole scandal. I cried over their roles. But I thank God for Shan George who came out boldly with the truth. It would have been a different story.”

You can still do the same movie? Are you not peeved by the ugly story behind doing such act?

I’m an actress. I’ll do any movie or role given to me.

Have you suffered any kind of chastise after the dog scandal?

Well, my mum works with the immigration in Asaba. During my last visit to the town, her colleagues expected to see me in their office but I didn’t go because of some logistics problems. I think the reactions have not been that bad.

People want to have me around them. My family has been very supportive of my career, and above all they have remained very proud of me.

Will Cossy ever get married?

Yes. Will you marry me? You see, I’m  not searching and I’m not interested either.


Going into marriage is a very serious decision, and one has to be emotionally stable. Marriage changes a lot in a woman. A lot of things have to come in place and I don’t think I’m emotionally stable for all that. Right now, I am not.

Do you believe the industry is really turning out quality movies?

Yeah, we’re are really trying and have improved tremendously. Again, the industry has helped a lot of people to re-discover themselves. Nollywood has created job opportunities for people, while providing financial stability for others.

We have a lot of unemployed graduates whom today have solace in Nollywood and ended up becoming stars. And it doesn’t matter how fees these guys are paid. The bottom line is that they have job security.

Recently, Stephaine Okereke’s movie, “Through the Glass”, fetched her a lot of money. I learnt another movie  producer is planning to do similar thing. What are you doing in that regard?

Yeah, I want to talk with my mum about producing a movie. She has money but I don’t think she knows what to do with it. I want to talk her into financing my movie very soon. I have a script already and I think that would convince her into sponsoring the movie.

Your cleavage seems to be your asset in the industry. Isn’t it?

No, my brain. It’s the brain that brings out every other thing. Some people have the body and every other thing, but they don’t have the guts to produce the desired reaction.

It’s good to be yourself. I represent the true Nigerian woman because I’m free. I do thing because I want to do it, especially if it does not contravene with the rule of law.

You don’t have to let the society move you. You have to move the society. I also believe I’m a role model for young people. You see, when I told my mum I wanted to get a property, she said, ‘ no, a woman shouldn’t do that. If you get a property, no man will marry you’. I’m trying to change that concept.

Property is a kind of fall back to when marital crisis rears its head. If your husband decides the marriage is over and kicks you out, you don’t cry over spilled milk because you have a place to lay your head.

Tell us more about your investments

Frankly speaking, I don’t keep more than N500,000 in my account. If the money is more that, I either push the money into fixed deposit or buy property. But if the money is not there, I won’t buy. I keep buying and investing when I have the money.

What size of brassier do you wear?

I wear 34 G.

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