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Ailing economies: NIMN advocates marketing values

By Princewill Ekwujuru &Winifred Nwabuokei
Arising from the maiden edition of her annual marketing summit, National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) said market economies ailing from overdose of unsensitized economic dogma requires massive transformation with marketing values.

Chief. Lugard Aimiuwu, President/Council Chairman, NIMN, disclosed that marketing values and ethics, which are hinged on trust, responsibility, accountability, equity are required tools to push ailing economies in times of economic downturn like now.
According to him, “only those who are able to fill the vacuum with creativity and innovation have the  chance to seize future market leadership.

Continuing, he said, “we are in a world of change, where we are bombarded daily by new surprises, new pressures and threats, plus, of course, new opportunities. The level of purposefulness, efficiency and effectiveness displayed in the new scenario of faster-tempo competition will determine the victors of the new rat race. The new scenario is where rule of thumb and ‘commonscnse’ have to yield lo precision and professionalism, driven by skills and competencies, within the framework of best practices.”

Further, Aimiuwu stated, “in a human world, real advantage comes from creating superior value. Value rules the world. Marketing is the crucible of creativity and the driver of innovation – the creation of superior value, creation of advantage, creation of strengths- Is there any doubting the significance and criticality of Marketing,? He queried.

In a world driven by the power of ideas, Marketing is the only profession that affords one an unrestricted and unstrictured  freedom to think. Marketing has so much to offer the world in the manner it positions its array of precepts and disciplines. And in the application of skills and competencies in the practice and profession of Marketing.


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