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Unhealthy lifestyle is bane of sudden death, says ACPN

By Chioma Obinna & Oluchi Muogbo
The growing prevalence of sudden deaths in the country has been blamed on unhealthy lifestyles even as Federal government has been urged to muster political will towards curbing illegal drug outlets in the country.

Stressing the need for Nigerians to be aware of their medical history, Managing Director of Victory Drugs,   Pharm Folashade Lawal said  with 10 to 12 per cent of Nigerians in the urban areas having hypertension and 8 per cent  in the rural areas living with the condition, said once a parent has hypertension there is every tendency that the children will suffer the condition as well.

Lawal who spoke at a one-day seminar/free mini community health mission organised by the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria, Ikeja Zone (ACPN) to mark this year’s World Heart Day, said there is need for Nigerians to ask questions on how to use medicines, the side effects, preservation amongst others.  Find out if you have it. “Ask questions about the condition to know why and what top do to bring it down and also the kind of medication you are supposed to take.

She recalled that no much attention is accorded to hypertension and diabetes unlike malaria and HIV

In a chat with Good Health Weekly, Coordinator  Ikeja Zone of ACPN, Pharm. Joe Itaman who blamed the continued spread of fake and counterfeit drugs in the market on lack of political will called for  reducedr salt intake with a view to checking the prevalence of hypertension and other related diseases.

“A lot needs to be done because there are so many illegal premisses all over the country including open markets, in civilized countries there are no where you would find drugs being sold in open market.

“There are open markets where these fake drugs are being sold everywhere but because the government is not taking it seriously that is why they are still existing. Again, monitoring fake drugs into the country through the borders are not properly checked so government agencies at the borders, at the port should be more alert because it is from there that the fake drugs will come in. So we need  more than all these to regulate the practice and distributions in this country.”

The mini health mission is an annual event used to give back to the community in which they operate what they have given their members.

Speaking on this year’s World Heart Day, Itaman explained that heart disorders  could only be detected through a medical test and that the objective of the forum is to create awareness on the need to check blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol level, etc, regularly.

Every year, the ACPN through the seminar meets the people. One in two  Nigerians  is hypertensive.


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