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Sony introduces anti-piracy technology, appoints Yemi’s media

THE implication of piracy in Nigeria, particularly in the entertainment industry has been a source of worry to producers, various artists and all stakeholders in the sector.

It has been said that pirates reap off artists of their intellectual properties and hard earned work of art. This is true.!
Stakeholders and practitioners including artistes in Nigeria have lost billions of naira to pirates. Every effort to stop these pirates in the past years has not yielded much effort, including the campaign by the National Films and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), the Nigeria Copyright Commission (NCC) and the recent hunger strike embarked on by the practitioners in the entertainment industry.

We are happy and confident to announce a new optical and digital media provider; Yemi’s Media  Limited (YML) representing Sony  in Africa.  It is a full technology service media company that provides 21st century based services.

Yemi’s Media Limited is the benchmark optical discs and digital contents Solutions Company offering world leading solutions and global distribution services to mainstream retail outlets in Europe, Asia and the United States to copyright publishers in African territory exclusively in alliance with SONY, one of the world’s leading Entertainment Corporation.

Our exclusive alliance with SONY enables us to apply the Anti-Piracy Compliance Program (APCP) by the International Recording Media Association (IRMA) on all replicated optical discs and digital contents.
Clearly, Yemi’s media limited is set to put smiles on the faces of producers, marketers, artists and every organization that produces digital contents on optical discs, most of whom have been crying foul of their pirated works.

With a mission to deliver and sustain significantly better quality products and services, we are bold to say that with SONY, we are the only solution to piracy in Africa.

In addition to our optical discs services, we offer various digital content services that allow limitation of the number of digital file transfer. We also distribute music/audio and videos using digital distribution channels.
We recognize that the tremendous popularity of the internet and CD_R technology have made software piracy an enormous problem. However, our anti_piracy technology is the solution Nigeria/Africa entertainment world has been waiting for.

In our service opinion, Yemi’s media limited believes that the on_going re_branding project of the Federal Government would yield more positive results with the embrace of this laudable project _ Anti_Piracy. Rebranding is incomplete without copyright protection.
Therefore, we urge producers, marketers, artists and every organization that produces digital contents on optical discs to embrace this best solution to piracy.


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