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Power of mealtimes: Knorr moves campaign for mealtime bonding

By  Princewill Ekwujuru

Unilever Nigeria Plc resumes new campaign for knorr, advises consumers to take advantage of the nutricious content of the brand to enhance their families social, psychological and physical well being.

Mr. Dominic Kimani, Marketing Director, Unilever at the unveiling of the campaign, “Power of mealtimes” said recent studies carried out by the company revealed that various families across the globe have neglected the importance of shared mealtimes, which could be enhanced through Knorr.
Kimani said a Knorr global report revealed that shared mealtimes had become a thing of the past in many families and that this had significant social effects on the society.

The new study carried out by Unilever according to Kimani, revealed that the pressures of modern life and hectic work schedules have replaced shared mealtimes.

He said that working late and conflicting schedules were discovered as reasons for the reduction in shared mealtimes across the globe, and told families who were not yet enjoying the benefits of the activity to join over 300 million people were taking advantage of Knorr to enhance ties among family members across the globe.
According to Kimani, “the recent study was carried out in 11 countries with over 5,500 people targeted to discuss how shared mealtimes enhance the well being of families and the society.”

“The report reiterated Knorr’s belief that shared mealtimes have positive impact on families around world, adding that shared mealtimes makes family members feel loved, understood , confident and happy,” he said.
Kimani said; “Six out of every ten people in the survey said that shared mealtimes were the most simple and effective social connector despite the rising popularity of the electronic media, portable devices and the ability of people to communicate with others around the world.”

The report noted that shared mealtimes , which can be enhanced by the nutricious value of Knorr improves well-being and reduces conflicts among family members,” adding that “shared mealtimes reduces negative emotions and the consumption of drugs and alcohol, and called on families to take advantage of quality and delicious meals provided by Knorr to enhance bonds between them.


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