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Oil workers demand employment for repentant militants

UMBRELLA body for senior staff association in the oil industry, has called on government to ensure that repentant militants are rehabilitated and giving employment to ensure that they do not go back to the creeks and resume militancy.

The association, Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN), said beside offering the repentant militants training, government should also create avenue for them to be gainfully employed.

President of PENGASSAN, Comrade Babatunde Ogun, said: “ They said they trying to open a vocational institute. Even if you have the institute, where is the person going to work after the training? So the idea of training somebody to know how to do a job and the job is not there does not really add value.

So if somebody is going to stop kidnaping or criminality and he goes to a training school, after training school, the job is not there, then you will create more problem. So the government needs to come out and tell us what are their plans for the creation of jobs for the people you are training. As we speak, we are aware that the school intend to take off couple of months.

After coming out of that 6 months or 9 months program, where are you going to work? Because how many thousands of Nigerians are on the street looking for work without a job. So,  the problem we have at hand is more than vocational training or creating man power development when you do not have where you are to engage them. So government need to start thinking.

That is why we keep on saying that the only solution to our problem now is ensuring that we build enough refineries. Because if you have about  6-7 refineries, you can have about 10 petrochemical and other related industries. Look at the population and the chain of employment you are going to create. Until government think in this direction, then everything they are doing will not add any result to the development.


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