*As fans shun Eagles

With the stark reality that coach Shaibu Amodu may line out his wobbling Eagles against a motivated  Mozambique side before a scanty crowd at the Abuja National Stadium tomorrow, he has called the bluff of Nigerian fans calling them pretenders.

Most Nigerian fans who were disappointed that the Eagles could not hold their lead against the Tunisians last month in a crucial World Cup qualifier which they needed to win to be in the driver’s seat have continued to show apathy towards the team as they have unusually shunned the team’s training sessions in Abuja.

coach Shaibu Amodu

A bitter Amodu who could not hold his frustration to the development could not hold back his venom on them, stressing that he expected the behaviour from them because they just pretend to know the game.
According to www.kickoffnigeria.com, Amodu said, “A good number of Nigerians pretend to know the game and support the game, but they don’t know it,” adding, “As it is, those who will come to the stadium that day will be our genuine supporters, those who know and love football, and those are the people we want.”

Still lambasting critics of the Eagles, Amodu accused those criticising him and the team of extending the failure of all other sectors of the Nigerian economy on football, stressing that it was only football that has been flying the country’s flag positively around the world.

“Nobody should extend the disappointment in the fortunes of this country on us in football. Our teams have been playing games all over the world. That football has been played here and there means that we have been the ones carrying the banner of Nigeria all over the world.

“We don’t want to face it, but I am saying it today. The only thing that is representing Nigeria all over the world is football. The only thing we are selling to the world right now is football. And anybody who does not care about the fact that we are doing our utmost best to represent this country does not appreciate it.
“They should ask questions of other organs of this country what they are doing. Why is it only football? Nobody should take the problems of Nigeria and put it on football. In football, like other sports, you cannot get all your results overnight. Along the line you will have disappointing results, and you will also have good ones. “That is the nature of sport. You will win some, you will lose some and you will draw some.

“This attitude of win at all cost is what we have carried into our political life. That is why when a politician loses an election, he claims it was rigged, and goes to the tribunal. But if he wins, the election was good. Then we keep on fighting ourselves everyday rather than move a step forward.”
“I have played uncountable matches in my life; I cannot come here and be worried about the consequences of any match. We can only do the best we can and leave the rest to God.
“It is a responsibility for us all, and we are plying our own part. We will leave and other people will come in and play their own part. I think we have done so far so good.”


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