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We played the perfect game, especially in defence,
against tough opponents who are one of the candidates for the title. We’ve got a lot more to give, though, and this was only a little example of the potential we have. We went with these tactics today because we had to get a result, but that doesn’t mean to say we don’t know how to play football. We’ll prove that against Japan.
Jose Luis Gonzalez China, Mexico coach

My head’s still buzzing and it’s difficult to make a judgment just yet. I thought we played a good game overall but we had a lapse in concentration at a set piece and it cost us the game. We need to stay calm now and work hard to get the right result in the next game. We’ll keep searching till the end.
Luiz Nizzo, Brazil coach

There was only one team on the park in the first 30 minutes and that was Japan. They played a great game and could even have been 3-0 ahead. It was very important for us to get a goal back before the break. That, and the corrections we made at half-time, helped us play a more aggressive game in the second half and to then go on and win the game. We showed that Switzerland can play really good football too.
Dany Ryser, Switzerland coach

We’re disappointed with the defeat especially because we played a great first half. Switzerland attacked very hard at the start of the second, though, and we couldn’t find a way to contain them. We’re in a tough situation now but until we are mathematically out of it we’ll be fighting hard to reach the next round.
Yutaka Ikeuchi, Japan coach

Once again, we got an early goal and then everything went wrong. It’s not a question of quality, but mentality. We made too many mistakes, we lost our concentration, and even though we pushed hard at the end, we couldn’t manage an equaliser. Naturally, we’re very disappointed but we can still qualify – we’ll have to win against Honduras and hope other results go our way. As long as we’re still mathematically in with a chance, our goal remains the same: we came here to win, and we’re going to do everything in our power to do so.
Reinhold Yabo, Germany captain

It was our mistake that led to their opener, and that made things more difficult and forced us to change our tactics. In the first-half, we made mistakes but we didn’t lose heart. I barely said anything to my players at half-time, I just asked them to play a more compact game. We’re lucky to have very technically gifted players like Daniel Villalba, Sergio Araujo and Sebastian Gonzalez, who are very skilful in tight spaces. They made the difference, and once we’d got the lead we were able to hold onto it by remaining solid throughout. Now I have to talk with my staff to decide which players coud do with a rest before I announce my team for the final match.
Jose Luis Brown, Argentina coach

My lads gave it their all and they ended up with a win, to the delight of everyone in Nigeria. We’re on a roll now and we want to keep it up and make sure that we qualify. We can’t look to play for a stalemate against Argentina – we need to go out and look to win it. We had an incredible amount of chances tonight but not many of them were on target and we only scored the one. It’s annoying, but you can come to terms with it more easily when you get the three points at the end of the day.
John Obuh, Nigeria coach

First of all I would like to congratulate Nigeria on their win and wish them all the very best for the remainder of the tournament. I don’t think that anyone can complain about that fact that we set out our stall defensively. We were playing a top team – the defending champions and host nation no less – and we are only Honduras. You can’t expect my team to go out and make all the running. We gave it our best shot but it wasn’t quite enough. Now we’ve got one match left, against Germany, and we’re looking to win it, or at least get the first ever point that our country will have managed in the history of this tournament. If we end up on no points but in a few years time this generation has improved the overall standard of football in our country, then I will have done my duty.
Eugenio Umanzor, Honduras coach

“I’d like to thank the fans in Kano for all their support. We’re delighted, as this is our first-ever win at a FIFA U-17 World Cup. It was a very even game until the opening goal, but from then on we were able to assert ourselves and get the second against a strong Malawi side. I’d like to congratulate the Malawi coach for his team’s fine display.”
Ali Ibrahim, UAE coach.

“I must congratulate the UAE on their win. It was our first ever World Cup match and we were unlucky, as we played very well in the first half. We must take great pride from the match. My players were very pleased to be making their debut in such a massive tournament.”
John Kaputa, Malawi coach.

It was a difficult match for both sides and I think we did well in the first half. After the break we created some decent chances but unfortunately we didn’t take them. Against a team like Italy you have to make the most of your chances if you want to get anything from the game and in the end we were punished. They grabbed a late winner which is typical of the Italians at the moment. In a game of this level you need to have a solid defence and not give the opposition any room at all. We learned an important lesson tonight, but we still have every chance of qualification from the group and we certainly don’t hold any fears.
Otmane Ibrir, Algeria coach

It was a difficult match for us tonight and I thought Algeria played really well. They worked hard and fought until the death, so all credit to the Algerians for a decent performance. Nevertheless, I think we were able to demonstrate how much we’ve matured over the two years we’ve been together. I’ve been greatly encouraged by the amount of progress the squad has been making both on and off the field.
The people of Nigeria are fantastic. We’ve met lots of people over the past few days and we’ve been taken aback by their kindness. It’s great to see so many people, particularly children, coming to watch us in training. The people of Kaduna really showed their passion for the game tonight – the stadium was packed.
Pasquale Salerno, Italy coach

“We started strongly and penned South Korea back in their own half, but then we made errors and fell behind. I think we reacted well in the second half and we equalised, but at the end of the day, our opponents’ pace meant they were better than us and they wrapped it up on the break. The result changes nothing at all for us, because I’m not going to go mad about a single game. I believe in my lads, and we’ll go into the game against Algeria with lots of heart and in good shape mentally.”
Roland Marcenaro, Uruguay coach.

“Winning your first game is always important. We were very nervous and a long way short of our best, but I’m ultimately very pleased with a 3-1 win. We struggled to cope with the heat, but we ended up dealing with the situation very well. Our priority now is to reach the next round. Then we’ll take each game as it comes and see where we end up.”
Kwang-Jong Lee, Korea Republic.

“This is football. Sometimes players make mistakes, like our goalkeeper did on the first goal, but we play together and we win or lose as a team. We will pick up the pieces and work at it in training and hope for the best next time around. This is a new team, we were hampered by the MRI tests, and this is the first time that a lot of our players have played together. I think, considering some of our hardships, we played a decent game. We will be better next time, even with the two players we lost through red cards.”
Tariq Saigy, Gambia coach.

Gambia played a fine game today and I would like to congratulate them for the fight they put in. I consider them to be our main opponent here in the group and we are happy to have beaten them. We have a very prepared team here in Nigeria; we put in a lot of effort to be ready. We knew a lot about our opponents today and we executed our game plan. I asked my boys to do a job and they did it perfectly tonight. I am a happy man.
Iran coach, Ali Doustimehr

“It was a very hard game tonight. The heat was bad and the field was not in the best shape, but the players went out there and put a lot of effort into the game, and I think that made the difference. The Dutch were very good and we knew they would be. These players are young and even though not every one of them followed instructions tonight, we got the job done. Up next we will play Iran, who are a very good side. We will give them the appropriate respect.”
Ramiro Viafara, Colombia coach.

“We’re very disappointed, especially because of the way my team played in the second half. We fell off the pace as the game wore on. We created a few chances, but we should have created more. We lost a bit of energy toward the end of the second half because of the heat, but that is no excuse. The Colombians are strong and they were the better team on the night.”
Albert Stuivenberg, Netherlands coach.


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