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MAN, West-Pac to build 2,000mw electricity for manufacturers

By Ikeoye Oyetoro
The Manufacturers  Association of Nigeria (MAN) and West-Pac Electrical Nigeria Limited, have entered into a strategic partnership to
West-Pac, a subsidiary of West Pac Petroleum Incorporation of the United Statesdeclared that the electricity will be installed in the industrial area within the next four years for the use of manufacturers in Nigeria adding that 400MW will be available before December 2010 and the initial plan is to develop five industrial clusters around Lagos.

According to West-Pac, members of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and Associated Commercial Operation will benefit from low rate for their electrical usage, saying that the low rate is important for industries to survive in Nigeria and the factor is an adequate supply of electrical power which will drive rapid industrial growth, provide jobs for Nigerians and eventually lead to expanded markets in the competitive foreign arena.
The company indicated that when the Niger River becomes navigable, additional clusters will be planned to cater for Kaduna, Kano, Bauchi and South-South consumers.

He noted that sufficient electrical power will also attract foreign investors to Nigeria so as to benefit from the great natural resources in the country.
The joint statement from MAN and West-Pac further said that revenue from power usage will not cover the cost of operation until natural gas can be supplied in adequate quantity.

They disclosed that the recent increases of about ten per cent in government established electrical tariff rate bringing the current rate to around 15 naira per KWH,  West Pac has agreed to bear the cost in order to boost industrial growth.

It was further explained that in the implementation plan, electrical power will be distributed directly to MAN member companies within each cluster through underground power lines, independent of the government’s central grid system because the existing grid would drain about 40 per cent of the power generated simply due to power loss.

The company, however, takes the responsibility of installing and maintaining the new power lines as managing operators of the facilities in order to be sure that the electrical lines do not deteriorate.


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