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I work on the concept of Triple M: Music, modelling and movie— Rap Ella

By McPhilips Nwachukwu and Uche Dim
Rapuluchukwu Emmanuella Onuorah known as, Rap Ella is an emerging model, singer and actress. The Anambra State born, and Benue State University graduate of French last week visited Vanguard arts to intimate the paper about her possible big bang titled Sweet Sixteen. The seven track album, which promises to debut this yuletide season in all its romantic flavours is meant to spice up the season. In this encounter with McPhilips Nwachukwu and Uche Dim, the 6fter dark skinned beauty tells the admiring story of her journey into stardom.

Tell me about yourself.

My full names are Onuorah Rapuluchukwu Emmanuela. I’m simply and artistically called Rap Ella. I hail from Ihiala in Anambra state. I’m an aspiring model, singer, songwriter and up coming actress.

How did you come into music?

I ve always had this dream. It’s been a passion in me right from childhood.  On  a very good day I would just wake up and start doing something.

You probably would have been doing it somewhere or for some people?

Actually no.  But, I used to be a choir member right from my secondary school days.

Which church  choir did you join?


In the area of modelling, can you tell me about your experiences, where  have you modelled.

I’ve really been more into contests. I have contested  Miss Alex, Miss Valentine.  And down here in Lagos I model for Dearest Heart magazine and Taju entertainment.

To what extent did your growing up years influence the kind of things you do: environment, parentage and  school?

Am from a family of nine. Six girls and three boys. I happen to be the last girl. My  growing up was fun. Although as a child who is growing up all things weren’t given to me, but at the same time, not much was denied me. I got the basic things like formal and informal education. I completed my secondary school and went to the university as well. Right now I just have my OND/Diploma in French.

Which University did you attend?

Benue State University.

How much has your family supported you in your music and modelling?

Actually they’ ve been so supportive, though when I started they weren’t in support. They  had  wanted  me to become a barrister, doctor or something else more lucrative.  But, I think  I ve always been so stubborn.

What makes you think you could be a good model?

I’ve been told severally by people that I ‘d make a good model.  Even without being told I know I’ve got the stature, the poise, everything . I have all it takes.

What are those things?

My height is firstly, physique as well. I have the confidence. I’ve got all it takes.

Tell me the kind of music you want to do?    Am into R&B.

Now that  you re tying to hit the market. So tell me about what you have for your audience?

It’s no boasting. Am coming out with the real BANG! Something completely different from what they have been hearing. Am coming out with something unique. Am not copying anybody, am being myself.

Are you coming out as a band?

No! am all alone.

So what are you going to call it?

Sweet Sixteen. It’s a seven track song with songs like ,With difference, lovers day, heartbreaking story etc.

What inspired broken heart?

Its an experience.

What a beautiful way to document memories?

Actually my heart has never been broken before and I pray it will never be.

Who wrote your songs?

I did.

Do you also  play any musical instrument?

Not at the moment. But I hope to. Am getting back to school to read music because I want to live my life and convert my talent to music.

From the way you re talking, its like everything is a one-man show. Does it mean you don’t have people playing some instruments for you?

Sure I do. When you get to the studio, some people are there. The sound engineers, they are there. My own for now is just to write and sing.

Who are you marketers and promoters?

Actually, I’ve not gotten a marketer for now, and I don’t know who the lucky marketer might be.

You sound very confident, why do you think you’re going to be very successful?

Yes am very lucky. This is Rap Ella and its going to be the only one. I have the confidence in my songs. At least two years in the studio is not a joke.

When do you hope to bring the song to the market?

Before the year ends, by the special grace of God.

Have you ever thought of going to perform in shows?

I’ve actually been going to shows. I do attend shows and I perform on stages.

After this now, what other project do you have in mind?

To be very honest, every project that I’ve got is still all about entertainment because entertainment to me is all about what I call Triple M”Modelling, movie and music. So, I am into complete entertainment business.

Virtually all the young chaps in the industry go for R&B. What is it about R&B that thrill you guys?

I don’t know. Its all about Choices and interests.

For you what does that genre represent?

Its just about a particular aspect that an inspiration comes from because am more of a romantic person. So, that’s why I won’t make a wonderful hip-hop singer. Am into R&B and there’s where my musical talent lies.

If you should take a stock of what your contemporaries do, which of them would say do things that influence you?

To be honest, everyone that has depth, everyone that is good. I don’t have a particular one because there are too many good ones out there.

I want you to take a view of the industry and tell me what you consider going wrong with emerging musicians, singers and models, if there is any?

As for me, I like criticism. One thing about the music industry is that they are really doing great. But the only odd I see is that sometimes I feel there are some without inspiration. They want to be like every other person and say let me just enter the studio and record one trash. Sometimes they sing out of lyrics and out of sense. All they know is, I want something that people will know me for. So, sometimes when I listen to some music I will be pissed off completely.

Have you experiment to do one song in french since you studied french?

No, not at all. I read french but I know very little about it. Am sorry.

That’s too bad.

Too bad indeed.

Is there any other thing you will like us to know about this new music of yours?

Nothing more for now. All I know is that I want to launch my album before the year ends.


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