By Fidelis Ebu
ABUJA —Nigeria Football Federation president, Sani Lulu Abdullahi has thundered that he would not bother over criticisms as a result of the early exit of national Under_20 team, the Flying Eagles  from the Fifa Under_20 World Cup in Egypt as well and the general state of Nigerian football. .


While reacting to the call that the NFF should be blamed for the early exit of the Flying Eagles, yesterday Lulu declared that, “I don’t give a damn over criticisms coming from any quarter provided it is constructive. I don’t give a damn, because I am serving my God and Nigerians. As far as I am concerned I have given my best under every situation.  I have given the coaches what I think is the best.

I don’t regret giving any coach any assignment, because I followed due process.  Due process is what is on ground, due process is what government says and I have followed it meticulously and my God will protect me,  not individuals. I think this matter is clear, go and re_examine your conscience and I want to say it here that my best may not be good for this country, but if I go back memory lane I’ll say I am satisfied because I have done my best”. Lulu looked angry.

Under his tenure, Nigeria’s female team, for the first time failed in Africa, not even reaching the final. Under Lulu’s tenure, Nigeria, for the first time, failed to qualify for the African event of the Under 17 Championship and will only be participating in the competition because of Nigeria’s hosting rights. For the first time in a long while, Nigeria were on the verge of crashing out in the first round of the Nations Cup in Ghana but were saved by  Ivory Coast who beat Mali and ensured that Nigeria played one more match, a quarter-final tie against Ghana.

They lost. The Under 20 African Championship was also full of woes for Nigeria. The Green Eagles are also on the verge of falling out of the World Cup finals.

Continuing, Lulu said, “I am doing my best for this country. Like I said,  anybody who wants to be critical and he thinks he is  doing so constructively, then judgement is by God. I am not doing anything to please anybody but my country and my God.
“People have been saying a lot of things in the media but I cannot be distracted. If a coach is given an assignment and he says it is his fault;  what do you want me to do?

“If you think the fault is that of the federation, go ahead and criticise. But,  as far as I am concerned,  even if it is one day I am going to give somebody a responsibility, he must guarantee that he can deliver.  If there’s a question mark,  I will not give him the job. I take my time before giving out jobs.  I want to deliver.  I want to take this country to the best level in the world so even if it is one day to the time, I will do it”. .He also stated that, “I have a long term developmental

programme and one of which is to restructure the coaches association and I am doing it. I am restructuring everything in our system”.
He emphasised that he was focusing on the on the U_13, which he said was the ultimate.

“I have done by best but unfortunately my people are not getting the result but I am not disturbed. Everyday I sleep because I am expecting result and these boys are not giving me result.

The U_20, this is the first time I’ll give them almost three months in which they have gone to every part of the world; so what do you want me to do? You are telling I’m to be blamed; it is you people who are pushing the coach to talk rubbish. I am telling you it is the press and few people who are viciously pushing the programme; my future is in the hands of God and nobody else”.


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