By Bishop David Oyedepo

A renowned author once said; “Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone…If you want to be rich, then you need to become financially literate.”

God empowers us for financial fortune through the release of divine ideas. If you want to be rich and sustain it, you need to guide your ideas with discretion. Many people in the society have lost sight of these facts, taking things for granted, living a wasteful life and thereby living in poverty, lack and want. That is why this week, I will show you one of the important things you need to do, if you must enjoy financial fortune in your family this year. It is avoiding waste!

The American Heritage Dictionary defines waste as using, consuming, spending, or expending thoughtlessly or carelessly. In God’s own economy, waste is the worst enemy of wealth. Waste is an economic cancer that eats up one’s financial wealth. Therefore, your financial expenditure needs to be focused and done with a sense of purpose, especially in these days of economic meltdown.

The Bible tells us a story about the prodigal son, who wasted his substance on riotous living in a far country. When famine broke out there, he began to be in want and started eating the food meant for the swine (Luke 15:11-24). By implication therefore, when you are a victim of waste, you automatically become a victim of want. There is no doubt that financial waste has been the undoing of many people in their various homes. For instance, many do not know how much is expended on telephone bills, car maintenance, house-keeping, and so on. They just keep spending until they find themselves in lack and want.

Nobody keeps a treasure under a leaking roof. If you live a leaking life, God can’t entrust His riches in your home. If you live an extravagant life, one day you will end up in penury! Every waster of financial resources is destined to end up a failure in life. You can’t be earning N40,000 and using N30,000 for hosting visitors; that is waste! You are not prudent with your financial resources. Some put their children in schools whose fees are not affordable.

Many people are living above their levels. Why must you impress others and depress yourself? Many put on 10 bangles, trinkets and chains and can’t afford to maintain their families. This is bad! This is not the way to cater for your family.

God gave you brain so that you can give Him rest. Live within your means. Don’t put your children in schools charging outrageous fees. My wife and I never needed prayer to pay our children’s school fees. We put them in schools that we could afford. In my house, we have a home budget and my wife is the General Manager. She applies prudence in its management. If you are a guest in my house, for instance, and you need to make a phone call, I will be consulted so as to know the purpose for such a call. This is because where purpose is not defined, abuse is inevitable.

For you to qualify for sustained financial resources, you must be a good manager of your resources. The blessings from God will stop flowing in your direction, when you start wasting them. So, don’t be a waster! Learn to order your priorities right, and live within your means per time. When you waste your resources, you suffer lack and want and this may lead to begging and borrowing. This may eventually lead you into stealing; especially, when you fail to get what you want. If you want to enjoy financial fortune, avoid waste. Be prudent in your spending.

I want you to know that God, Himself hates waste. The Bible tells us a story about how Jesus fed 5,000 men, beside women and children, with five loaves and two fishes. After feeding them, the remnants that were gathered filled 12 baskets. (Matthew 14:19-21). From this, we can see that waste is not allowed in the kingdom of God. A waster does not go too far in life! Therefore, stop wasting your electricity so you don’t suffer financial pressure, especially when you are not able to cope with the bills! If you are fond of doing this in the past, please refrain from it as from today. Apart from that, you can adopt the policy of budgeting, in order to avoid wasteful spending. For instance, in my house, we have household maintenance budget. We’ve been doing that for years. Although this budget is increasing annually somehow, we have always been able to live within the maintenance budget. That way, I avoid wasteful spending!

Are you a waster of resources? There is still hope for you if you come to God who is Omniscient. When you come to Him, He will give you the wisdom needed to be prudent with your resources. Coming to God entails confessing your sins and accepting Jesus your Lord and Saviour. That is how to be born again. If you are not yet born again, you can do so now, as you say this prayer: “Lord Jesus, I come to You today. I am a sinner. Forgive me my sins. Deliver me from sin and Satan, to serve the living God. Today, I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Thank You Jesus for saving me! Now I know I am born again!”

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