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Anambra ADC and the race of confidence

By Arthur Nwandu
Oh liberty! Oh liberty! What crimes are committed in thy name!
Madame Roland (1754 – 1793)

THERE are two kinds of restrictions upon human liberty-the restraint of law and that of power. Politics dictates the tone of reasonableness in our troubled world. No written law has ever been more binding than the political will of both the leaders and the led of any climate.

Politics is like a man-clever and dull, brave, yet, cowardly; beautiful but ugly; cunning, yet dictating the way and paths of mankind. To play politics in an acceptable way for humanity calls for a mind that is above sentimental frugality of the common human nature of ego, selfishness, and incompe-tence.

To redeem man from pain and danger posed by inordinate ambitions for power that lead to enslavement of the masses, leading to untold want of material needs and poverty of both minds and pockets, calls for a reasoned principle geared toward the redemption of mankind from the prevalent hypocritical way of the hitherto detrimental political activities where politics is seen as the last hope of the indolent and the reassuring assurance of the belligerents.

Some political experiences are to be tasted if one is to make an enduring impact in Nigeria political terrain, while some are to be swallowed, some few are to be chewed and digested. While some are to be discarded, others should be encoded for posterity sake.

I am bound by my own definition of politics and abide by my own political principles. While I may not want to join issues with anyone on different political ideologies, I believe no one has the right to impose on other people his whims and caprices in the name of party politics. I am interested only in an ideal politics without rancour and to practice to learn and propagate the best political ideologies  known and upheld in the entire world.

Politics without faith is baseless. Faith without confidence is meaningless. Ambition without labour is fraudulent and vision without knowledge is blind. Hope is good, but confidence is better. Knowing the destination through hope and faith is auspicious, but having confidence in the way to the destination is supergood.

I hardly know of a diversionary political trend as is being presently practiced and foisted on the people by Ikolo-Okey  Nwosu, the National Chairman of ADC, in Anambra State.

I like Ikolo-Okey Nwosu. He is a good fellow, but he is a prisoner of his ego. He would make a good leader if only he learns the limiting line between power and influence. Power corrupts and the love for power at all cost even when it beats all senses of reasonableness, corrupts absolutely, and man being what he is, is always at his wits end to find a way to cover his lust for power in an ego coated garment of service to the father land.

There is an end to every oppression and the best way out of intimidation and harassment in the name of party leadership autocracy is to find a workable and conducive platform devoid of rancour and power play.

Our beloved leader, Ikolo, as we call him, the father of our party, ADC, has gone the way of a dangerous wayfarer, and the party can no longer be the same again. The light has gone out of obscurity and darkness is inevitable; truth has been sold to the dogs and deceit has replaced sincerity; hope has become hopeless and the humble shall continue to tread his path with caution.

I must not be misunderstood. I admit that he (Okey Nwosu) has the right as a citizen of this nation and as an indigene of Anambra State to pursue his political ambition in any form without violating the rights and confidence of others. The problem, however, in this particular regard, arises where his interest contradicts the natural law of justice. His declared interest to vie for the gubernatorial race of Anambra State come 2010 while at the same time holding to his position as the National Chairman of the party, is both ridiculous and anomalous.

This declaration and cruel disposition of the National Chairman is both unhealthy and unnecessary in our collective resolve to redeem the lost glory of Anambra State in particular and the Igbo race in general. More so, it is counter-productive to the spirit of due process and rule of law. It is a diametrical race of confidence against the reasonable level of confidence.

Under conditions of tyranny, it is easier to act than to think. And this is clearly what is wrong with the position of Ikolo in this matter. What is the place of a national political chairman in a state gubernatorial process of a state? His utmost interest in such a race is to play a fatherly role that can engender peace and confidence within the contestants and the party-building a coherent, formidable political party that can be reckoned with.

That is, as a national chairman of a political party who is also a member, national board of trustees, who will monitor the conduct of primaries for the contestants? Who will issue guidelines for the contestants?  And in the course of events, if anything went wrong, who do you report to?

Mr.   Nwandu is an  aspirant in the 2010 Anambra State gubernatorial race.


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