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‘We pay our tax when due’ — MD, IDL

By Naomi Uzor
In this interview with Naomi Uzor, the Managing Director , Intercontinental Distillers Limited (IDL), Mr. Patrick Anegbe, shares his vision for the company and other salient issues.

How has it been since the rebirth of Squadron?
The rebirth of squadron has been wonderful, squadron wearing a new look and being given a premium look, the reception out there has been tremendous.
What are your challenges?

The challenges now is for us to be able to produce enough for the market and also to continue to maintain the high standard image we have created for the product for us to live up to expectation making sure that people find it to buy when they want to buy it and that the standard remain the same from time to time.
Has there been any report of faking of the product so far?
No, far from that, we have layed down our homework on the repackaging, though, we expect that after some time, from experience, faking activities will come in but we have chosen the choice of packaging in such a way that it would not be easy for the adulterators to fake what we have at the moment.
Are sells better now that it has been re-branded?

Yes, there have been increase in sales, but it is still too early for us to confirm if it is as a result of the repackaging but we expect the repackaging to help with  the sales but just before the relaunch, there was a short down between the old and the new, it was a bit difficult because it was out of the market for few weeks, we allowed the old products in the market to be sold out before the new ones came in so that there will be no returns of the old products to the company.

Do you have plans of re-branding any of your other products?
We have done a lot of re branding, if you can remember, we started with Chelsea this year and fro Chelsea we moved to veleta fruit drink then to Squadron and not too long ago, we did that of Eagle, I think we have done a lot of recent, yes for the future we would always want to do one thing or the other to put more life to the products.

How has this company affected the economy?
The company has been impacting on the economy in so many ways.  For instance, we have a lot of people employed by the company, who depend on the company for their livelihood , we have several others who do services to the company, also depending on the company, we pay duty to the government, we pay our tax, when due, in so many ways our company has affected this economy.

As the Managing Director, would you say you have done well since your inception?
Capital yes, I have done well since my inception, in fact, if I sit back and look at the products, I have every reason to be happy with myself considering where we were coming from and where we are in less than two years, we have totally re branded all our products and any where you find our products, even in the mist of the foreign products, I think we measure up if not better than that of the foreign products, in terms of growth, I think I have taken the company to a good height and am very happy that I have achieved something significant.
In the next few years, what should we expect from IDL?

In fact, my expectations are high, because I have a lot of vision for this company, I have the vision to grow the company, the vision to cu


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