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Yar’Adua urges solutions for climate problem

GENEVA – President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua has called on the International Development Organisations and Development Partners of African nations to help develop and strengthen three centres of excellence for gathering and computation of data on Climate and Climate related variables in the continent.

President Yar Adua made the call in Geneva yesterday while addressing delegates to the World Climate Conference organised by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) ahead of the December Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

According to the President, whose address was presented by the Minister of Environment, John Odey, unless Africa nations are equipped with proper and adequate information on the Climate, the continent may not benefit from solutions being sought to the Climate problems.

He said, “there is at the moment, severe deficit in the knowledge base on climate change in Africa.  A sound platform of climate science is imperative.  Without climate data, the behaviour of the climate system cannot be properly quantified or understood.

“The existence, extent, longevity and frequency of droughts, for example, would remain unknown in the absence of data.  The climate modelling and observing system in Africa is in an abysmal state and it is deteriorating. This creates key gaps in our understanding of the risks we face and limits the ability for effective planning and response strategy.


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