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Why Nigeria is our biggest market, says Zain’s Mustafa Younes

By Moses Nosike

Mr. Mustafa Younes is the Marketing Director, Zain Nigeria. In this interview he reiterated Zain’s commitment to provide quality services and deliver value for money for the Nigerian consumers. He said that Zain  is not in Nigeria to do business and make profit, but is here also to support the welfare and well being of Nigerians and Africa as a whole. He said this at the ceremony of winners of Zain Africa Challenge in Abuja, an academic university competition that cut across West African Universities initiated and sponsored by Zain Nigeria.

Why did you chose education as a platform to express Zain’s commitment to social responsibility in West Africa?

It’s simply because education is one of the important assets to any nation. And there is a need for education in Africa. So it’s a necessity for big companies to sponsor such initiatives as Zain did in order to support the African nations in education. We’re also promising more initiatives in the near future. What you have seen in the Zain Africa Challenge is a share of more goodies in future.

As a corporate body, you have done much in the area of education, rural telephoning, community service, what of in the area of reducing tariff in Nigeria?

We’ve already introduced two new tariff in the Nigerian market. One of it was the Zain Joli and others for the Nigerian consumers. It’s one of the competitive tariffs in terms of delivering value for money for the Nigerian consumers and more importantly, is that it provides the consumer with the power of choice. It comes with extended package with possible options that carry values. You can take up an option to call your friends and family at a reduced rate, depending on your choice of option, or you can call international, to the UK, US at a special reduced rate also.
All of these options are available for the Nigerian consumers, you can choose one of them, you can chose all of them.

What’s the general assessment of the Nigerian market compared to other countries Zain operates in?

Let me be frank with you that as we speak now, it’s no more a secret that Nigeria is the biggest market in Africa. It’s a very important market not only for Zain but all other communication companies and other big companies operating in other industries. But for us, we’re going to fulfil our commitment to the Nigerian market, support the Nigerian market more and more as we move forward. It’s the biggest market Zain has amongst its offshores.

With new rivals in the communication industry, what’s the next strategy to remain among the leading few?

Zain’s strategy is simply to provide value for money for its consumers. This value for money is not only in terms of a new style, but in terms of opinion customer service, the quality customer service, the quality of work. We continue to extend our coverage, continuing investing in our network and our relentless efforts in supporting the nation in terms of social responsibility, making sure we contribute to the welfare and well-being of the Nigerian people.

Apart from this academic competition that involved universities in West Africa, what other area would Zain want to help Nigerian people?
Very soon, we shall announce other social responsibility and strategy plans which shall include a lot of blessing and surprises for the Nigerian market as well as the other African nations.


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