September 28, 2009

Senator canvasses adequate funding for Police

By Tordue Salem

ABUJA—Senator Caleb Zagi yesterday called for more funding for security agencies in the Country to enable them battle crime more effectively.

The Lawmaker from Kaduna State, also tasked the Executive on the creation of more jobs for the jobless who are prone to crime, through  a deliberate revival of moribund industries across the country.

Mr. Zagi was reacting to the gruesome murder of The Guardian Editor, Mr. Bayo Ohu and the kidnapping of the Secretary to the Kaduna State Government, Mr. Woje Yayok.

He suggested that a rejuvenation of the Country’s means of production, would return to life, most of the Country’s industries now in comatose, such as steel and textile industries that could employ thousand of workers at a time.

“It is a common knowledge that idle mind is the devil’s workshop and since most of these Nigerian Youths both literate and illiterate ones have been idle for a long time without any source of income. They readily become tools for violent crime in their quest for material gains’’, he said.