Mr Ufodike Chimuanyan Egwuchukwu Aroma, a graduate of Geography and Regional Planning at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka last week won the N10 million prize money in the MTN sponsored ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’. The indigene of Nnewi, Anambra State, still basking in the euphoria of being the latest millionaire in the most popular money winning programme in Africa spoke to  Vanguard about his success on the hot seat.

congratulations on your winning. But how did you come on the show?
Through the on-line version of the game show

How was it like?
Interesting! There were these 2 guys competing with me keenly. One of them beat me to it at the end of the week. I had to go the whole hog, for the whole month, then I came top and I was subsequently invited to come and play from the hot seat.

Your names are typical African and in Africa, names are attached to one’s success or otherwise. Does your name  have any significant attachment to your winning today.

Yes oh.Chimuanyan stands for my God is awake,  Egwuchukwu means the fear of God and Aroma as I’ve mentioned on set means good year. So you can see that my names are quite significant to this. They are meaningful my brother!

What was your feeling coming on set today ?
I felt so happy with the kind of welcome I was given and even with the way   the contestants were assembled. I fell in love with the way the organisers addressed us, saying that we should perish the thoughts of cheating and just relax and catch fun and that who knows, one of us might carry the day with the ultimate prize. I tell you my brother those words were encouraging

How lucky do you count yourself now?
Very very lucky. See, a friend of mine had not been able to scale the triple F (FFF-Fastest Fingers First segment) before, also, another brilliant lady was once here and could not be on the hot seat because of this same FFF.So for me to have been able to scale through means something and I owe it to the initial upbuilding brief,  warm reception and friendly environment. It is not easy, .FFF was my biggest fear.

With the way you were answering questions, is reading your past time?
In fact, I read everything that comes my way except novels

You also watch television a lot?
No. My television viewing rate is Poor. Unless it is for news, documentaries and sports, I don’t watch TV.
How come you were able to answer a question on Movie and so on?

Yeah, I visit the theatre..I’m always in the theatres to catch fun thereby watching those stuffs.
You said you were an entrepreneur. What exactly do you engage in?
Steel. I trade on iron in large quantities

Since when have you been into this?
Since when I left Diamond Bank
Oh you were working in the bank?
Yes but I left in 2005

Tell us about your upbringing,  your parents?
My Daddy is late but Mummy is alive. Daddy died in 1980. But my Mum is still there. She would have a share of this.
What’s your family structure like?

My Mum has 5 children.3 are older than my twin brother and myself.
So you  a twin?

Yes. But he’s Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America
Who is the first of the set?
He is
So you are Kehinde?
Exactly as the Yoruba would say..So I am the last born of the family
Are you identical?

Not at all
Tell us about your marital life and how it is going to affect or impact in your prize money?
I am not married yet. I don’t even have a fiancee but there is this lady that I came across recently. Maybe I will give it a shot with her.
How do you see MTN and Ultima on this experience?

I see the two companies with much gratitude.This Show is wonderful.MTN has done well. They did well by taking the slots I mean the adverts slots. Since they came on board things have changed for this highly educative game show in Nigeria. I am thankful to them. Thanks to Ultima production team as well. They are fantastic!.

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