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Media buying and Planning: Why media independents should sustain

By Princewill Ekwujuru
An operation allegedly that relied heavily on an agency media Director’s connections and relationship with media houses.
And even “brawn envelopes” to secure historical competitive spends from media houses. Also media department support staff is limited to a handful of costing, typing and material dispatch assistants. An environment where all know the theory, but outdated systems and lack of access to investment funds, media research, quality international  experience, global developments, thinking, training, trends and modern tools hindered development and progress.

Increasing foreign investments, global exposure and training. Companies wanting the same delivery out of their associates and investments in Nigeria as they get from some African and  European countries.
Increasing demand from shareholders for improved ROI on marketing/media costs.

In this regard, accountability will have to become the new watchword and there will be a dire need to provide supporting independent evidence to replace approval of media schedules based on subjectivity and personal media habits. However, the new wave of media professionals has set forth to take up the challenge. Backed by some wise old advertising owls, the independents will be ready to challenge the norms.  Not bound by old school ties and having no fears of breaking conventional thinking, media research and new technologies , these young entrepreneurs quickly became responsible for an estimated 70 percent of the top 500 hundred brands media investment


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