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FIFA’s MRI: Bako bemoans Lulu’s position

By Onochie Anibeze
One time ace broadcaster and television presenter, Danladi Bako, has expressed outrage over Sani Lulu’s reaction that the Nigeria Football Federation would not use FIFA’s recommended MRI to screen players they will present to represent Nigeria in the Under-17 FIFA World Cup that the country will host next month.


Shortly after his reaction, one time vice chairman of the then Nigeria Football Association, Nwabufo Obienu, wondered if all was well with the President of the current board, Sani Lulu, for insisting that the Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI, would not be preferred to documents to be submitted by parents of the players.

Fifteen of the players camped for the competition had been decamped following results of MRI scan on them. Reports said that further 15 even failed the MRI scan which probably compelled Lulu to reject such scan as using it may mean Nigeria not being able to even present a team for the competition. Lulu told newsmen in Lagos on Monday that he would rather rely on parents of the children to veryfy their true ages.

“How can their parents tell the truth when they know that if their children play and win the cup they will all become millionaires?,” Obienu asked, adding “what is happening to our football is the result of the bad seeds we have been sowing for years in age group competitions. We cheat and win but cannot do anything at senior level. We are suffering over the sins we committed but with time we will be better for it if we show discipline in the declaration of the true ages of our players.”

Bako reacted this way: “That’s the level of mediocrity imposed on 140 million by those who facilitated the election of the current board. It is a pity. It is unfortunate. It’s a shame.”

Below are some of the online responses to the story on Lulu yesterday:Busuyi O says:September 16, 2009 at 11:04 am
What has bone of black man got to do with MRI, are black man bones made from iron? Abeg. So, those who do not have parents should go to the grave and uproot their parents dead bones huh? Besides, who keeps records in Nigeria? If you went back to the school you attended three years ago will they find your records there?

If Lulu wants to disgrace Nigeria more,  then he will continue to tell FIFA to go to hell. FIFA governs all other federations in the world, so why is our FA rising above the power that be? As for me, I support the MRI test as long

as they don’t ask those boys to pay for it themselves. Lulu is talking as if NFF don’t encourage age cheats. Of course they do.
Alex Amaku says:  September 16, 2009 at 10:27 am

Lulu’s rejection of FIFA’s MRI is like escaping sousing after being drenched; it is belated! Where was he when it was used to screen out our players? Let us not do what will bring us to ridicule. The competition is entirely a FIFA affair, notwithstanding that Nigeria is used as venue. For fairness, the same instrument should continue to be used until all participating countries’ players have been screened in and out.

September 16, 2009 at 7:13 am
How do you prove the MRI test? We generally know that bone of black guy is stronger that his counterparts in any part of the World. MRI test should be rejected and the substitute should that the parents of boys come to testify of their age with track record of proof. Period!


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