By Tony Ubani
SINCE the Eagles shot themselves on the foot with their 2-2 draw against the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia, all sorts of permutations have been made to squeeze water out of stone to ensure that the Eagles berth in South Africa for the World Cup.

But many know that the road that leads to the World Cup is narrow and laden with thorns sewn by Tunisians.  The North Africans lead with two points ahead of Nigeria and have a h


ome match against Kenya and an away tie against Mozambique while Nigeria would be home against Mozambique and travel to Kenya to keep a date with the Harambee Stars of Kenya. ‘

Patriotic’ Nigerians are united in prayer that Tunisia would slip in one of their matches to pave way for Nigeria to qualify(if they win their remaining two matches).But former Eagles player, Emeka Ezeugo has bluntly told Nigerians that “it is over”.

He is also angry that Nigerians are dragging the name of God to intervene thereby portraying Tunisians as people not made by God. “We are fool-hardy. It is over for us. It irritates me when people bring God into trivialities.

Does it mean that Tunisians are not made by God?. Won’t God listen to their prayers to take them to the World Cup?”, he asked. Ezeugo who was used by Dutchman Clemens Westerhof to play the dirty role of marking out outstanding players in his days said that Nigerians should instead go back and re-organise to be able to avoid another looming defeat in future.

“God is God of all and not God of Nigeria. What you sow in football is what you reap. You cant seat back and be saying if Tunisia slip, if Nigeria win, and anything is possible in football. We had all those talks in the run-up to the World Cup in Germany. And what happened at the end? Nigeria did not go to World Cup because Angola did not slip”, Ezeugo who analyses soccer on Hi-TV said.


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