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Don’t borrow money to look flashy

By Folake Aina
We Nigerians are a different set of people.  We just love flamboyance. It is amazing. Every one wants to look good. We all know it is alright to look good. Everyone wants to live and look like a Hollywood star.

There is no problem with that. But the question is, does everyone earn what a Hollywood star earns? Really when a person has to borrow money to look good, it becomes a problem. For us,  looking good starts with the house we live in, the car we drive, the clubs we go to, the people we hang out with, the shoes we wear and the whole works. Think about it.

If a person has to borrow to fulfill those obligations as the case may be, then there is a problem. We are not talking about food or clothing to cover ones body here. We are talking of extreme vanity. Too many people are in debt and problems unnecessarily. We really all have to sit back. Reflect and change our mind set.

Listen to me!!! You are here to fulfill your destiny. It is not tied to any other persons destiny. You are not in competition with any one. Your focus must be on living well. Believe me, living well is possible. Living well is not supposed to be stressful if we all learn to “cut our coat according to the cloth we have” What I am saying essentially is that you live within your means.

We are all agreed that everyone can make a living. Come on now, even an artisan in  Nigeria earns at east two thousand naira everyday , and labor  is  at least one thousand naira everyday. We have already  established the fact that every one can work. There is something everyone can do to make money if you are not condescending. The problem we have is that everyone wants to start of big.

Your neighbor or friend is a ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ as the case may be, and you want to kill yourself. You do not even know the price he/she had to pay to get to where they are.

Many people really have enough to do what they need to do, but they think they must do it bigger so they can show off for all to see. Really!!! Who cares !

We all need to change our mindset. We all must realize that in this world, you are not in competition with anyone. It is so sad. Many people want to wear Ferragamo shoes, Rolex or Cartier watches, drive the latest BMW, live in Park view estate and Ikoyi. There is nothing wrong with all these things if you can really afford them.

You must use what you have to get what you really need. You need shoes, buy shoes. You need a wrist watch, there are so many functional wristwatches. If you can afford to pay your rent anywhere every month for the rest of your life without having to borrow any money from anyone, you are living good. You are on top.

Too many people need to buy a car. They know they have enough for a Pinto, but they must buy a Passat. What is wrong with us. That you can buy a Pinto and maintain it, is a lot of  Grace. There is a way you step into a Pinto, that would even make the owner of a ferreri envious.

Be happy. It is all about contentment. This woman bought a beetle in those days, and when she was telling her mum, she said”I just bought a car, but its only a beetle o” Or this couple who just moved into their apartment, and the wife was telling her friend. “Finally, we found a place. But it’s just a one bedroom apartment” Who cares!!! The stress is all yours.

Everyone has their life to live. Live yours. With what you have, you can live well. It is a mindset. It is all about contentment.

What I am saying is not that you should be complacent. There is always a place for growth. You can only be where you are at any point in time. If point A is where you are now, be realistic. Yes, you are aspiring to get to point B, but what point A has to offer, receive it and enjoy it with thanksgiving. When you do get to point B, you can step up into what point B has it offer.

That point A that you are at now, and you do not appreciate is someone else’s aspiration. Be happy. Be content.
I visited this African country last weekend, and I think they are worth learning from. When things were bad for them, they left their country, and came over to Nigeria, and did every available odd job that was available at the time, and when things took a better turn for their country, they went back and they are enjoying it.

Now you see most of them with small functional cars that can take them from point A to B. Many live in small houses. I am not saying that they don’t have their own minuses, but they are happy people. I see them as people making the best of what they have.

They have discovered oil now, I know when oil money comes, they would adapt to the good life and start spending oil money. Contentment is key. Don’t  kill yourself. It is your life. Live for yourself.


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