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Be wary of fake mourners, Igbini tells Gani’s family

WARRI—PEOPLES Redemption Party (PRP) governorship candidate in Delta State in the 2007 elections, Mr. Emmanuel Igbini, has warned the family of the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi to be wary of unrepentant, oppressive and exploitative Nigerian elite class that have been thronging the family home on condolence visits.

Igbini said in a statement issued in Warri: “Having watched with utmost disgust, but expectedly, the so-called ongoing condolence visits to the family of Chief Gani by the same unrepentant, evil, corrupt, oppressive and exploitative Nigerian elite class in the present and past government,  including even those in leadership of the Nigerian legal profession and the human right movements who worked relentlessly to ensure his death and/or exit from existence due to his attacks and war against their evils, it has become very imperative for me to strongly condemn their visits and also to warn Chief Gani’s family from further welcoming such dubious condolence visits.

“Their visits are nothing but fraudulent, hypocrisy and desperate attempt to hijack his death and make it another campaign platform with ultimate aim to cover their evil tracks and deceive the Nigerian masses, whose life they have made hopeless and miserable.

“I rather call on this elite class to freely and publicly celebrate the exit of their enemy Gani, (SAM) which they have for decades wished and worked for instead of shedding crocodile tears that will surely provoke Gani to more anger even in death”.

“I only appreciate General Ibrahim Babangida’s condolence as genuine because he has never hidden his high respect for Gani while he was alive and did not regret his government’s decision to unjustly attack and jail Gani for opposing his retrogressive policies and actions against the Nigerians masses.

”If this government, politicians and elite class really care and appreciate the sacrifices of Chief Gani, they should immediately repent from their evil ways and ensure good governance, equal right and justice to the Nigerian masses and enthronement of  transparent,  free and fair election, all of which were the ideals Gani lived and died for.”

According to him, “the Nigerian Bar Association must immediately publicly apologise to Nigerians for colluding with military dictatorships to deny Chief Gani his Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) title for decades because of his patriotic condemnation of the Association’s policies and actions.

“Until and unless this is done, the NBA must not be allowed to host Gani’s body nor pay condolence visit to his family or partake in his burial ceremony.

”Gani’s death is no doubt a very great loss to Nigerian masses and with the benefit of hindsight; I dare say that there can be no replacement for him for many years to come.”


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