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Bayo Ohu: What parliamentarians said

By Mike Ebonugwo
Bus-stop parliamentarians are as incensed about the recent murder of The Guardian newspapers journalist, Mr Bayo Ohu, as majority of the larger population. In fact, most parliamentarians could not help but express outrage over the sad development during an impromptu gathering at the Isolo Bus-stop in Lagos.

“Look at the way they just wasted the life of that journalist for nothing. Imagine shooting him in front of his children; that is an act of pure wickedness. The way he was killed shows that the people that did it planned it well in advance and purposely came to his house to kill him. That is why I was surprised when the Police first told us that it was a robbery case. Were they there when it happened?

The way the man’s children and neighbours described the shooting is enough to convince us that it was an assassination,” said parliamentarian Solomon Edogie. Parliamentarian Efosa Omoriege picked it up from there.

“Don’t mind the Police; which one dem sabi sef? It’s laziness that is their problem. That is why they said it was robbery so that nobody will tell them to go and track down the assassins. The fact is that the Police have a poor record in solving assassination cases in this country. So, they’re trying to avoid a situation where they will be called upon to solve another assassination case on top of the many they have not been able to solve all these years,” he scoffed.

For parliamentarian Sylvian Nwoke: “Even if it’s a robbery case, what difference will it make? The fact is that we don’t have Police in this country. That is why all kinds of crimes are committed everyday and the so-called Police we have is unable to do anything about them. In Nigeria today, armed robbers rob any time they like without fear because they know that there is nothing the Police can do to them.

And talking about assassination, I can’t remember the Police being able to solve even one single case of assassination in this country, starting from the one of Dele Giwa. So, as far as solving assassination cases is concerned, I will score the Police zero”.

A parliamentarian who gave his name as Kingsley Oseni quickly chipped in thus: “But the IG has promised that the Police will surely fish out the killers”.  But Efosa was not impressed as he said: “Is that not how they usually talk any time something like this happens?

They always promise to unmask the killers, but at the end of the day, no show. Honestly I don’t have any confidence in what they are saying this time. It’s only the journalists themselves that one can trust to investigate what happened to their colleague and tell the world about it”.

Sylvian agreed, saying: “Yes, Nigerian journalists should conduct their own independent investigation on the matter. I’m sure that is the best and quickest way we will be able to know those that killed Bayo and why they killed him”.

For a parliamentarian who gave his name as Wahab Odunsi: “It’s the man’s wife and children that I pity. What will happen to them now that their father is no longer there.

I hope that government and the Nigeria Union of Journalists will be able to do something to take care of them because things are so hard in the country now that most widows are finding it very difficult to cope”. It was a sentiment that was shared by majority of those present.


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