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2010: Tunisians will frustrate Eagles, — Dr. Anugweje

By Patrick Omorodion

Super Eagles chief coach, Shaibu Amodu may have his game plan for the World Cup match against Tunisia but the team’s former team doctor, Dr. Ken Anugweje of the University of Port Harcourt has offered him and crew some tips on the match.

According to Dr Anugweje, the clash with Tunisia is “virtually the last game of the qualifiers (because it will determine whether the Eagles will pick the ticket or not) and it could bring a lot of pressure on the team.”
And a way to wriggle out of the anticipated problem the team might face, Dr Anugweje, President of NUGA, suggested that Amodu and his team must adopt what he called ‘problem oriented approach’ which he said means that the coaches should anticipate problems the Tunisians will bring and work against them.

The first problem the Uniport lecturer said the Tunisians will offer is that “they will likely be unadventurous, will not attack the Eagles defence and will choke up their own defence. The Eagles then must fashion out a way to rip open the Tunisian defence by operating through the flanks.”

Another problem he thinks the Eagles may encounter is that the Tunisians “ will stop the match from time to time to frustrate the Eagles by feigning injuries. The Eagles must also be careful and watch out for counter attacks and should never allow the Tunisians into the game.”

He said the only way the north Africans can get into the game in Abuja is “if the Eagles play as if there is nothing at stake,” as he stressed that “We have the players, all they need to do is to have the right temperament.”


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