By Dayo Adesulu
The ASUU strike which started two months ago was like a joke to everyone when the union informed the Federal Government of their intention to proceed on industrial action to press in their demands. For students of affected universities, they probably thought the strike may last for just one or two weeks before the Federal Government will settle with ASUU and the strike called off.

However, every attempt to reach at a compromise between the duo proved abortive, consequently, undergraduates are found in the nook and cranny of the states, either in cyber-cafe browsing or in the food ball pitch playing or watching football. While some of them are book warm in spite the strike, some are busy searching for odds jobs in order to make some savings before the strike is over.

Kene Nwanchukwu, a hundred level Engineering student of University of Port Harcourt said, he is not happy about the strike at all, because he has planed that at most in the next five to six years he would have graduated.”

As I viewed our television recently, I saw some students who were killed for the crime they committed. I told myself that, if these students were on campus, maybe they might not have indulged themselves in such vices, because an idle hand is the devils workshop.

Where it not for my religious background, may be by now I would have joined the yahoo, yahoo boys. By now some of the students would have been preparing for their exams if not the industrial action.

In the7 point agenda of President Yaradua, education should be the first to be tackled, because the people governing us today cannot be where they are without a lecturer. President Yaradua, vice president Goodluck Jonathan and the Minister of education, Prof Ekwu were all former students of university and lecturers for that matter, but when they got to power, they turned their backs to the system they once benefitted from.

May be because their children are not schooling in Nigeria, I would not know.

Iam in total support of ASUU, SSANU and NASU strike, because what they are demanding is for the betterment of both the students, lecturers and the future education in Nigeria.

Although it is affecting us presently  in a way, no doubt about that, but later if they succeed in fighting this course till the end, our educational system will be where it ought to be in the comity of nations. Lecturers suppose to earn more, since there is inflation in the land and we all buy from the same market.

The agreement between ASUU and Federal Government was signed since 2001 and since then, nothing has been done about the implementation. They always appeal to lecturers to go back to the classroom each time they go on strike and after they returned, nothing is done about it.

ASUU should tackle this issue once and for all as the Federal Government is not sincere about their promises. After the Federal Government settles with ASUU demands, I guess the next line of action will be students going on mass protest to show their displeasure over the one hundred and eighty thousand naira school fees being introduced by the Federal Government. How many parents can afford that in this global economic recession?

“As an Engineering student, I have been accompanying  my uncle who is an engineer to his construction company because the experience gain acquired there will help me in my course as an engineering student, while the little time remaining, I read at home, Kene said”

Patience John a female student of University of Ado Ekiti said, for the fact that they had internal crisis which kept them home for some weeks before the commencement of ASUU strike, she would not want the present strike to hold, adding that she has not being doing anything since the strike began, as reading or studying at home when she does not know when school will resume has not helped her.

“ I sit down at home, watch films, no time for me to read unlike in the school. I pray ASUU calls off the strike so that, I can go back to school, more so, it delays one’s academy year in the school and does not give student chance to read as one plays off his academy, Patience said.”

Funmito Oluwaseun a student of Lagos State University lamented the face off between ASUU and the Federal Government on the on going strike.

He however said, he is in support of the current ASUU strike, stressing that what ASUU is demanding for is never too much as they are asking for basic infrastructure in Nigeria universities, well equipped laboratory and library as it is in other countries.

“ In those days we were told how students get subventions from the Federal Government when the beauty of university education was there. In those days, university students eat free meal with half a chicken as they file out during meal time. Are we not richer now than in those days in this countrywhen students? I think it is a matter of priority and the love of the person at the helm of affairs for education.

Recently, two politicians bought personal jets to displayed their affluence to the one hundred and fifty suffering Nigerians who do not know where their next meal will come from.

The duo justified their action by saying that, it is more cheaper to maintain a jet than a car. Who is fooling who? Can they tell us how much  individual owner of jet pays two pilots and the crew in each jet if converted from dollars to naira?

Ask jet owners how much it cost to fuel a jet and the packing space they pay nationally and internationally, and you will know that they are fooling themselves and not Nigerians, Funmito said.

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