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Ooni leads obas to La Campagne beach resort

By Oluwaseyi Oluwabiyi
It was royal blessing all the way for the founder of the La campagne Tropicana beach resort, Wanle Akinboboye, as the Oluaye, Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Siuade Olubuse 11 and other traditional leaders visited the resort recently.

Typical of the founder of the resort, Akinboboye, the obas were given a  a rousing welcome befitting royalty by President of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort and Motherland Beckons, Otunba Olawanle Akinboboye and his large retinue of friends, invitees, members of staff and the exuberant crowd from Ikegun and neighbouring villages.

On hand to add colour to the epoch making event was the Atunda Entertainment Group which is a cultural cum entertainment group of international repute created by Wanle Akinboboye and headed by Chief Olusegun Remi a.k.a Kanran of the Nollywood  fame who lived up to his billing as a good master of ceremony throughout the event.

First to come was the awe inspiring Zulu dance which would have made King Zwelithini, the supreme monarch of the Zulus in South Africa and the famous Mangosuthu Buthelezi green with envy. By the time, Afe Onikoko, which is the first talking potter in the world took the center stage with sonorous rendition of folklores and songs specially composed and dedicated to the Oonirisa and all the Obas, the Oluaye could not suppress a royal smile.

The other Obas led by Timi took to the sandy beach at the ocean front and could not help but dance to the pulsating rhythm of the Atunda musical group. This was rarity and energized crowd went into a frenzy especially when the Oonirisa and all the Obas in a show of excitement and appreciation rained naira notes on Afe Onikoko and the acrobatic Bata dancers that thrilled the royal audience with the melodious Agoya song in quick succession.

The Timi of Ede while commending Akinboboye said “you are a proud son of Oduduwa and the spirit of our forefathers will continue to guide you aright, more power to your shining elbow our dearest son”

With a brief interlude occasioned by the receipt of royal blessings by Afe Onikoko from the Oluaye and the royal family, one would be tempted to believe that the naira rain was over until young Azeez Ajobiewe who is a chip off the old bloc started a rhythmic rendition of the panegyrics of Oduduwa, Oranmiyan, Oonirisa, Ife Oodaye (the source of  humanity) and the entire Yoruba race. Then, naira started to rain on Ajobiewe in torrents to the excitement and admiration of the mammoth crowd.

It was time again for another rarity when the Atunda Entertainment Drama Troupe made the royal fathers laugh to a brilliant display of comedy in a play titled “ Petroleum Subsidy” written and produced by Otunba  Wanle Akinboboye who in the words of Kabiyesi Alayemore, the Olojudo of Ido Osun is “Mr. Culture and Tourism”. “Petroleum Subsidy” is a play that highlights the folly of our over dependence on the black gold and the need to diversify our monocultural economy with particular emphasis on our untapped tourism potentials.


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