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NMA chairman, wife escape from suspected kidnappers

By Anayo Okoli

Aba – Doctor Prosper Igboeli, the President of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) and his wife Dr. Chidinma Igboeli, narrowly escaped from the hands of hoodlums suspected to be kidnappers, who invaded his residence at Ngozi Avenue in Aba, Abia State, about 7.30 pm, Tuesday.

The suspected kidnappers, who came to the three storey building, with the ground floor being used as a hospital, had tried to enter the hospital by pretending that they had brought a sick woman, that needed medical attention. But the gates had been locked by the nurses, since the Medical Director had retired to his house.

The nurses told them the hospital does not handle any other cases except those relating to fertility and they requested that the nurses direct them to another hospital where the supposed sick woman could be attending to or allow them see the doctor, but the nurses refused to open the door for them, so they were not allowed into the hospital.

By this time, it was just two of the gang of suspected kidnappers,  numbering about six that were talking with the nurses and when their tactics failed, the other members, who were still inside two of the cars they came with, jumped out of the cars and started shooting into the air, while the two others that were already talking with the nurses smashed the glass door with their boot and entered the hospital.

They were said to have entered the hospital,  thoroughly beat up the nurses that had refused to open the door for them and demanded that the nurses take them to the doctor.

While the commotion was going on down stairs, Dr. Igboeli escaped. The wife, a nursing mother, who was going down the staircase with two other nurses had to run back to the third floor to hide, not knowing that the kidnappers would eventually get to the third floor.

The kidnappers were said to have eventually forced the nurses to take them to the doctor’s residence and on getting to the third floor, they smashed the kitchen door to get in. They ransacked all the rooms, searching for Dr. Igboeli and eventually found his wife, who had hid in the toilet.

According to Dr. Chidinma, from their hideout, the kidnappers dragged her out to take them to where her husband was, but she told them she did not know the where about of Dr. Igboeli.

She said when they were sure her husband was not in the house, they demand for money and under gun pointing,  she brought out all the money in the house, which she gave the hoodlums, but that they still asked for more money and searched every corner, boxes and drawers in the house.

She said when kidnappers were satisfied that there was no more money in the house, they asked her to pub the money in a big carton and to carry the money downstairs. She said while all these lasted, the person carrying her baby hid with the child somewhere,  that no attention was paid to the baby.


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