The Federal and State governments in the country have been urged to give priority to housing development in national planning and budgetary allocations.

A real estate consultant, Mr. Bode Adediji, who made the call in Lagos, said this was necessary as housing impacted on all aspects of human life, stressing that his submission to the Vision 2020 Committee on Housing was that housing should be prioritised in national planning and budgetary allocations.

Governments in the country both at Federal and State levels have not actually come to understand the full import of the housing phenomenon.

If we have understood that as a people, we would not be in the mess where we are today where slums grow by the day and the crime rate continues to swell due to lack of accommodation.

‘This is because the concept of housing impacts on all areas of human life, be it health, employment or even politics,’ he said.
Adediji, who is Managing Director of Bode Adediji Partnership, a firm of Estate Surveyors and Valuers, said only an appropriate recognition of the significance of housing would assist the country to get out of its current housing challenges. He added that for now, the housing hope of Nigerians was in the outcome of the debate on the report of the Vision 2020 Committee on Housing.

According to him, the committee is taking a look at the entire environment to create vehicles that will encourage a savings culture among Nigerians and the establishment of more Primary Mortgage Institutions (PMIs).

Adediji, who is also Vice President of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV), said that the idea was to address the issue of what was making it difficult for Nigeria to develop a savings culture. He said that for now, there was no hope whatsoever, either from the private sector or the government.

But for now, there is no hope either from the private sector or from government, particularly now that people saying that government had no business being in business, Adediji said.He recalled that such rationale was responsible for government=s inability to have any direct impact on housing over the years.


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