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Alaba Job scores Yar’Adua low on Rule of Law

By Ola Ajayi
MOST Reverend Alaba Job, the Metropolitan See of Catholic Archdiocese of Ibadan has faulted President Umaru Yar’Adua led administration on its pledge to uphold the rule of law.

He said, the prevalence of corruption in our social lives was as a result of erosion of ethical values and lack of genuine love for one another.

The problem the country is facing, he stressed, was because we did not choose people of integrity but we only chose people who would steal our values that we now have this state in which we are.

The cleric alleged that “We have some leaderships that are totally corrupt that should not be there. When you see a state governor taking money of the people and celebrating parties without caring whose horse is gored; using foreign currencies in a country that its people are poor. That was because they cannot be arrested while they are doing that. It is bad”.

Contrary to the promise the administration made at its inception, he lamented that the rule of law was not being kept at any cadre of leadership.

While speaking at the priestly ordination of 11 deacons at St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Church, Ibadan, he noted that he was not disappointed.

According to him, when this administration came on board, the “newsmen asked me what I was expecting from the new team coming in. I gave the saying ‘blessed are those that hope not for they shall not be disappointed’. I said we were already necked-deep in corruption and in evil; all we want is that the rule of law should be established”.

“The present government is trying to keep the rule of law. But, I know it is not being kept both in the high places and in the low places, he stated.

He explained that proliferation of churches could not check corruption because those who are corrupt don’t go to churches.

The cleric said, “It is not because there are churches and there are priests or mosques that corruption is rampant but “because our people are corrupt. And those people who are corrupt definitely don’t go to church. You know yourself. They don’t go to church. They have no time for church. The only time that they have is for money”.

On the ordained deacons, he said, “it is not I who have produced the 11 priests; it is God who has made it possible. Let me tell you this. When I became the bishop of Ibadan; I was first ordained auxiliary in 1971 and became a bishop in 1974 of the diocese of Ibadan. I had only two diocesan priests.


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