August 29, 2009

2010: Howard hails united front against Tunisia

By Eddie Akalonu
A one time junior national team captain, Franklin Howard has commended the united approach by players, coaches and administrators towards ensuring Nigeria beats Tunisia in the 2010 World Cup qualifier on September 6 in Abuja.  Speaking in Lagos, Howard, captain of the 1981 set of Flying Eagles commended the total commitment shown by players and coaches of the national team towards making a success of the remainder of Nigeria’s group matches against Tunisia, Kenya and Mozambique.

He noted that “it has been revealing to sea everybody pulling all strings in a united manner to secure victory over Tunisia and become the front runner of the group.” “Well, planning for the game has been first class, for that I want to commend the coach. Then the players have come up with wonderful responses never shown before, ahead of a crucial match and all these point to a fact that we will beat Tunisia, take the three points and lead the group on our way to qualifying for South Africa next year.” he stated in Lagos.

“Again it shows commitment by all concerned that the coaches know their job, the players know what is expected of them and are responding with positive attitude to play and win and there is no doubt we are on the path to victory over Tunisia and World Cup qualification.

This is a new attitude by the players never displayed before, there is total planning by the coaches and administrators never done before a game and it is my belief it can only mean victory over Tunisia. If this tempo is sustained I can say we have the ticket with victory over Tunisia. I will urge them to sustain it the way it has started and give the country the win we desire,” said Howard who recently piloted Shooting Star back to the  league.

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