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Why should you allow your private parts to become public? – Rev.(Mrs.) Ugochi Jolomi

I NEVER envisaged I could end up in the ministry, but I realized that I was deeply interested in the things of God even as an adult. I later suddenly became the Sister Chord in the school campus fellowship. I got married immediately after graduation in 1999, and I joined my husband, Bishop Benson Jolomi, of Foundation Faith Church a.k.a. Salem, in the ministry in Lagos while also running my youth service.

One thing breaks my heart concerning the average Nigerian woman today, and that’s the fact that she has not realized her place in God. I’ve read through the scripture and have seen what God did through women; when a woman submits her whole life to God, the potentials in her become impossible to be held back.

Rev. Mrs Ugochi Jolomi...teaches tolerance in marriage
Rev. Mrs Ugochi Jolomi...teaches tolerance in marriage

Many women have agreed with the devil and tradition to remain under mediocrity. But thank God all of that is changing because there’s a lot of awareness going on in our world right now. However, I bleed when I still see some women go through terrible situations all because of their ignorance and unwillingness to come out of  their shells and be all that they should be.

Another issue that breaks my heart is that women have reduced themselves to some kind of toys or robots. Why should a naked woman be the best tool for advertising a male neck tie? Because we’ve come to believe that our body is only good for making money, we have reduced ourselves to something I don’t understand.

When I see  women in  some  outfits on the street, I wonder if   they value their body. Why should you allow your private parts to become public?  When I also see how women allow themselves to be used of the devil to destroy homes, my heart aches.

You don’t have to escalate issues when you already know a man and his wife are not doing well in their marriage. I hear some of these women say “He wasn’t getting what he was supposed to get from his wife, so I had to step in”, but that’s shocking.

You should rather be a solution to a falling marriage than add to the problem.  However, I confidently believe the time is coming when righteousness will become a standard in our world because according to the Bible, “the knowledge of the Lord shall be as the water covers the sea”.

The word of God cannot lie, so I believe the said time is coming. As part of my contribution to the ministry, I head the Singles and Women Ministries in the Diocese.  I’ve realized that many singles end up disappointed when they couldn’t get a partner at the end of a singles’ summit. So, they don’t want to come the next time.

For those believing God for a husband and are not seeing it coming forth, we encourage them to be patient. With faith and patience, everything will come to pass. You don’t have to rush into marriage wrongly because if you do, there’s every tendency that you’ll rush out.

It is better to wait patiently then enter into a wrong marriage. We had our singles summit in June 2009 with the theme ‘Responsibility’ which was borne out of my desire to let singles know that it takes a responsible person to get married; responsible in the sense that you’re able to make common sense judgement and must know why you want to get married.

Ifyou say you want to get married, how ready are you for marriage? Can you tolerate people? Are you ready for the disappointments?

You see, we come into marriage with a lot of expectations, forgetting that the person we’re getting married to is a human being just like us, and can make mistakes. Are you responsible enough to know this person is not a perfect being?

Do you know you should manage your finances well; that you don’t have to finish all what you earn; because money has caused a lot of things in marriages? Are you responsible enough to know that you should keep your body for Christ?

Do you know you should obey the scriptures when it comes to ‘Holy Living?’ Do you know that sex is ordained of God but only in marriage? If you lack responsibility in all these areas of your life and you go into marriage like that, they’re likely to cause a lot of troubles.

In the Women Ministry, we treat a lot of issues; we address creativity, empowerment, marriage, womanhood; taking your place as a wife but recognizing the fact that the man is the head of the family, etc. It’s fashionable to dress with half of your boobs out now, but you must know that the fashion trends of the world are not for believers.

You can’t dress like unbelievers and expect people to treat you differently.  Hence, we teach our women to be ‘Total Women’.  We have a yearly Women Conference, and the one for 2009 will be coming up in October. We also minister spiritually and materially to widows’.


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