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Wake-up call for all deprived people of the Niger Delta


I WANT to salute your courage for publishing the communique which I recognize as the “Home Truth”, at the Chapperton Accord.

Incontrovertible facts of apartheid syndrome have glaringly been the bitter pill prevalent and being force-fed on South-South people whether at home or in government service away from home.

Is it not a national shame that we read newspapers or watch television showcasing how Nigeria’s military is often called in to crush fellow civilian citizens who are protesting against provocative oppression by Federal Government?

How can it be explained that in a country that propagates itself as one endowed with an enlightened citizenry, our governments are quick to kill and maim other Nigerians just for speaking the truth on national issues? How long shall we continue with this stream of self-deceit and national destructive tendencies?  It is national destructive tendency  intended to intimidate the South-South people and governments.

We only hear of oil thieves. We have not heard or read about thieves that mine solid minerals illegally, abounding in the northern part of Nigeria especially around Nasarawa, Plateau, Adamawa, Kaduna  states, etc.

Are these solid minerals not being exported at zero benefit to Nigeria nation’s economy? Aquamarine, plagioclase, sapphire, tantalite, topaz, quartz and so many other expensive and highly valuable mineral resources are being mined illegally by only northerners in the northern states. Are security operatives in Nigeria not covering these states? On the other hand, have they not legitimized this illegality?

Truth, transparency, sensitivity, justice and equity have all been thrown to the employment into the industry, health, education and even up to marketing of the products.

If South South bogey men of the Nigerian military (serving or retired)
decide to remain complacent and timidly mute, no other geo-political zone will rise up against your suffering engineered by man. Here is a clarion call to well-meaning South South statesmen to rise up against  heinous criminality being meted on the geopolitical zone. Keeping  mute portends comfort in slavery and apartheid.

It is quite regrettable to note that the stigma of pipeline vandalization is considered more heinous than the devilish deprivation of all peoples of the region, every social, economic and political benefit.

The government of Nigeria, in prosecuting this oppression against the people of South-South, shamelessly dismissed a minister of petroleum on the grounds of, as accused, taking bribe because of the cup of tea he drank at a negotiation table and accepting a set of mum-pop wrist-watch from foreign negotiators (the bargainers). He suffered this scandal and no one rose up to tell the  northern oligarchs that they did a wrong thing.

Aside this, they have severally made recalcitrant utterances against a people, victims, then-successive inglorious governments have raped exhaustively and abandoned in the creeks of Nige Delta to the extent of recommending that the full force of the Nigerian military should be applied to enhance extermination of riverine dwellers of the South-South. Just this year, a federal lawmaker recommended on the floor of National Assembly built with petro-naira  the killing of 20million Nigerians of the Niger-Delta as his panacea for peace in Nigeria.

A galvanized house of the now  raped and hoodwinked people of south-south has so many other factors to deliberate upon and come up with a well structured position paper.

If we continue to assume that the fight is for only Izon people, we then know that a lot of prayers could be needed for our deliverance and endowment of divine wisdom. We can achieve justice and fair play without another civil war. God bless and defend South-South of Nigeria.

*Egbule is of the Niger Delta extraction


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