By Kunle Oyatomi
The nation’s major sea port of Apapa and Tin Can Island are critically endangered.
This new danger does not arise as a result of militants’ action, but due to lack of constructive reasoning, planning and execution of sensitive projects, necessary for Apapa and Tin Can Island Ports to function effectively.

Aside from the fact that the roads nexus connecting the rest of Nigeria and Lagos to Apapa Port are in a state of hopeless for repair, the rail track which links Apapa with the rest of the country, and is primarily designed to ferry goods cheaply from Apapa to the Interlands has long since stopped to function.

This unwholesome situation has consigned all haulage traffic from the Lagos Port through the roads. This is part of the reason the Lagos/Apapa road collapses frequently.

We have seen progressive deterioration on the roads in the last decade that has come with heavy loss of lives and massive destruction to property.

Every year, Lagos/Apapa road records  fatal incidences of trailers overturning from bridges, offloading their goods on commuters and in some horrific cases turning the road into an inferno.

The latest incidence happened early this week around Mile two on the Oshodi/Apapa Expressway where a trailer fell and emptied its container cargo on a vehicle that resulted in multiple coalition of about 10 cars.

The traffic caused by this accident stretched up to Liverpool and left quite a number of people stranded  in their offices until the following day.

Apart from this, other congestions from the road, especially between Coconut and Tin Can have become haven for robbers as they subject dozens of workers in Apapa to attacks and dispossessions.

The situation in Apapa is not isolated. There are horrible spots like Lagos-Ore-Benin road which is taking far too long to fix leaving the poor to suffer on the road while the rich have their easy flight to Benin.

But the situation is not all that pleasant along Ibadan-Ife road. However what makes this one pathetic is that the road constructed about six years ago, repaired and refixed several times over is in a state of hopeless disrepair;  in contrast with the other side of the Express which was constructed over three decades ago, but is in a much better shape.

We are failing, not because we don’t have the men, the material and the money to do better, but our problem is that we lack the leadership to harness these endowments  for progress.

Everything is failing. Governance has failed. Roads have failed. The economy is stumbling and now Apapa Port is gradually grinding to a halt.

Something drastic has to be done.

If Apapa convulses and short down, there will be little less for us to handle.
Somebody out there in government has to take a decision. And fast too.
Of what use is this mainstream mania?

Politics of the so-called mainstream in Nigeria today is a  total disgrace.

Some two decades ago, every politician who dreamt of success awaited to be in the so-called mainstream which is a eupheminism for the ruling party.

In the first republic, it was

the Northern Peoples Congress (NPC); in the second republic it was the National Party of Nigeria (NPA). Currently, it is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In all of these scenarios of the mainstream politics in Nigeria, the principal benefit the people of Nigeria have derived  is failure, failure, failure again.

This time around, the failure is so comprehensive that the nation has been internationally identified as a collapsed entity.

So, in real term, what has the mainstream politics achieved?

The answers are simple:

Collapsed educational system, collapsed infrastructure, failed agriculture, worsening poverty, darkness, brain drain, failed leadership and the entrenchment of corruption in our socio, political and economic life.
So of what use is this mainstream mania?

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