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Star: Challenges of holding on for 60 years

Products like humans,  are born, they grow, and they die. This informed the reason after some years products that have enjoyed customer patronage suddenly disappear from the market.  And that is why the growth and life time products spends on the shelf depends on the type of medical (media treatment) attention they receive on birth (production).

These may have prompted the disappearance of brands like  Top, Club, Skol, Double Crown and host of others that may readily come to mind. These were all lagers that at one time or the other attempted to compete for the market share in the lager market.

However, to get a proportionate share of a market, there are rules to be followed which invariably others failed to apply right from the date the products were pushed into the market.
In the larger marketing landscape, never had there been a more challenging period in the beer market, than when the beers mentioned above scrambled for and the petitioning of the market.

Not only had competition assumed a more fierce dimension, but the Nigeria beer  market  had  remained complex, confusing and sometimes confounding due to differentiation in tastes and consumption pattern.
In various ways, every player in the market had evolved different strategies and tactics to remain relevant.
But, meanwhile, in brand marketing, there are three modes, these modes; Logos, which is an argument from reason and logic. The other, Pathos, which is persuasion based on emotional appeal and the Third; Ethos, a persuasion derived from convincing others of one’s moral competence.

Nigerian Breweries (NB) Plc, brewers of Star larger had for 60 years remained resolute in the market riding on the crest of two of these  marketing fundamentals; Pathos and Ethos, which in effect had  kept the brand.
But because the marketing game is meant for long distance runners, brands mentioned above fizzled out of the market, or became fringe brands, confined to the little corner of their areas of origin and in some cases the breweries have in actual fact closed operations.

So, that Star survived the choking, crowded beer beverage market in the country is a testimony to the marketing prowess of NB and the enduring quality of Star as a brand.
Star with a brand history spanning six decades, if truth must be told, Star is the pre-eminent Nigerian indigenous beer brand.

and in fact winners of Star Quest have gone ahead to flourish. Some of them are among the top ten Nigerian artistes today. I think the real thing that Star has done right is to listen to consumers and add value to them.”
But beyond this attestation by Linden, yearly market surveys actually confirmed that 7 out of 10 lager drinkers go for Star. For example, Star is a favourite of lager drinkers at parties like wedding, birthday, baby shower, house warming, chieftaincy celebration and club meeting. Even in some parts of the country, a lady’s bride price is deemed not to have been paid without the presentation of certified cartons of Star. Over the decades, the marketing eggheads in NB Plc working in tandem with their marketing communications counterparts at Lowe Lintas have positioned Star as a brand for all seasons. Hence it has been able to weather a lot of marketing storms and onslaughts from rival brands. Linden confirmed this much when he said: “Lowe Lintas has been with us for the past 60 years. I think this is very unique. Over the past sixty years with Lowe Lintas, we’ve had our ups and downs. But I don’t think there’s any agency that knows the Star brand so well than Lowe Lintas. It’s very important for a brand personality not to ever forget where it’s coming from.”

For the past years, Star has been living up to its billings as a brand for the celebration of life, which has brought smiles to the faces of loyal consumers in various forms and styles. As a brand, Star is acclaimed for providing world class entertainment for consumers.

Through Star Mega Jam, international stars like Shaggy, Awilo and 50 Cent amongst others have thrilled consumers. Also, prominent Nigerian artistes like KI, Ras Kimono, Daddy Showkey, Muma Gee, Oliver D’Coque, Tony One-Week, Kola Ogunkoya and Jimmy Jatt have played alongside these international stars. Indeed , Star has become part of the Nigerian life. The Star brand’s journey has impacted positively on consumers. Through constant promotions, Star has helped consumers empowering them socially and economically. The idea of constant promotions  of the Star brand is to give back to consumers by caring and sharing the brighter life with them.


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