THE Globacom Premier League is swimming in very dangerous waters that might bring the game to disrepute and ridicule. World soccer-governing body, FIFA, is listening with rapt attention to the offensive odour oozing out from the country.  Chairman of the Nigerian Professional League, Chief Jackson Oyuiki-Obaseki has placed curses on those trying to smear the league even though he confessed that it was difficult to prove whether the match was compromised b


y the clubs.

Zamfara United needed to score nine goals without conceding any against Kaduna United in their last match. Such a herculean task was the only way they could avoid relegation and many wondered the magic that could make them achieve the ‘impossible’. And that was what they did, recording 9-0 against Kaduna Utd to avoid relegation and sent tongues wagging. It’s not the first time that such goal-rain was recorded in the Nigerian League. Akwa United started it all when they whacked Calabar Rovers 13-0 in their last match to also gain promotion into the elite division. And the law of karma has caught up with Akwa Utd as the abracadabra win that saved Zamfara consumed them and pushed them to relegation.|

Allegations that the match between Zamfara and Kaduna Utd were a rouse and should be probed has fallen on deaf ears. In our usual refreshing different manner, we caught up with the man at the centre, Chief Oyuiki Obaseki who said that instituting a probe panel would amount to waste of time and money.

“God will punish whoever wants to ridicule the good job we are doing by trying to influence matches. The result indeed is scandalous. It is annoying but our problem is that there is no evidence to bring the offenders to book. We cannot depend on hear-say to act. It has happened before and it amounted to waste of our money.

If there is anybody who can come out with concrete evidence, I swear to God that I will take appropriate punishment on them. If I can see to the relegation of Bendel Insurance, a club that brought fame to me, there is no club that I cannot punish. Our problem is lack of evidence. All those who are talking will not come out to prove and submit evidence. If we have concrete evidence, we will punish the offenders”, the High Chief of Bini Kingdom said.

He explained that punishing the two clubs or relegating them would have been ideal but noted that it was not backed by law. “Whoever is trying to destroy the league will be destroyed. I swear”, the man also known as ‘Moving Train’ said. However, Ray Nnaji who was an assessor in the match said that the match was ‘clean’ in the eyes. “The second goalkeeper of Kaduna United got a red card and that explained the number of goals. If there was an ‘understanding’, it was not to my own understanding”, Nnaji an accomplished referee noted.


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