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Nasuba set to hit market with new products

By Emmanuel Elebeke

Supplier of prepaid telephone cards in Africa, Nasuba Express has said it is set to launch yet another  new product for her African market tagged “Nasuba Express card.”
The Nàsuba Express Card is a prepaid and rechargeable bank card for payment and international withdrawals.
Project Promoter, Nàsuba Express, Chrisoan  Lagnide  made this know to Vangaurd in Lagos.

Lagnide said, the new card when launched will let customers pay for purchases from merchants and via the Internet, withdraw cash from ATMs and transfer money to another Nàsuba Express card. He said  that the Nàsuba Express card is The Nàsuba Express Card is a prepaid and rechargeable bank card for payment and international withdrawals and  globally accepted.

The first Nàsuba Express card it will be recalled was issued by the Banque Régionale de Solidarité in the eight countries of the UEMOA zone.
The Nàsuba Express card is available to anyone, without limitations. There is no need to open a bank account to get one.

All one has to do is visit a sales point authorized by Nàsuba Express, in possession of a valid I.D. card. The Nàsuba Express card is then delivered immediately upon signing the membership contract.
The cardholder then has to activate the card and add funds by calling the Nàsuba customer service center.
The card is a card money transfer payment service based on the real time transactions of financial transfers from the prepaid VISA card of cardholder to another prepaid VISA card belonging to cardholder.
According to Lagnide this product is the result of a partnership between several institutions of Nasuba group.
The ultimate objective of this partnership is to grow to include all banking institutions in Africa, Europe, the United States and everywhere else in the world.

At the origins of this product there is a technological challenge and a common economic vision.
Justifying the new product, Lagnide said that several economic studies conducted by international financial institutions have convincingly demonstrated that the volume of money transfers coming from overseas Africans residing in the West were in most cases greater than the wealth produced by the countries to which these transfers were designed.

“In countries like Mali and Senegal, these transfers have allowed entire communities to build schools, to create potable water supplies, and to educate children who would have had no other access to learning.
The large diffusion of means of payment relies upon a distribution model allowing for the creation of micro businesses and the accelerated placement of a major facility of terminals for
payment and money withdrawal.” he explained.

He said that  the product is meant for Africans living in Africa and everywhere else in the world, and for those in diaspora  anywhere in the world, as  a way to bridge the gap between two worlds, between two people.
“It is a well thought out development tool, conceived and realized by Africans. It is the expression of an innovative Africa facing the realities and specific needs of our people.” he revealed.
Nàsuba was formed in 2002 as a supplier of prepaid telephone cards in Africa, particularly in Benin, in Europe and in the United States, with nearly 6 million cards sold, including 1million prepaid rechargeable NASUBA CORPORATE GOLD cards, since the company was created.

The company is present in  most part of the market segment  related to the African diaspora wherever it is located worldwide.
Nàsuba possesses expertise in the related target, the universe of prepayment, with particularly innovative solutions adapted to the needs of its target market, like cards that can be recharged via its customer service center.


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