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Meltdown or no meltdown, children of God dwell in Canaan

By Magnus Maduka

Text: Job 22:29
Preamble: Those who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ have been translated from darkness, of which economic melt down is a key component, to the marvelous light of God Almighty. In 2009 and beyond, God will begin to, very graphically,  manifest a difference between those who serve him and those who do not. Children of God have nothing to worry about in 2009 because they will graduate from Goshen to Canaan.  Recall that though dwellers in Goshen were shielded from the plagues of Egypt, Goshen was a slaves’ settlement nonetheless. Jehovah El Shaddai, the all-sufficient God is encouraging His children to move over and dwell in Canaan from henceforth. The frequent recourse to Egypt must cease forthwith.

He is also inviting you, my dear reader, if you have not surrendered your life to Jesus, to do so in a hurry and flee the imminent wrath of God upon this stiff necked generation. What are the things we should do to smile at the 2009 storm which has been psychedelically christened ‘economic meltdown?’
This discourse will be in three sections:

Think good thoughts
Speak the right language
Do good everywhere

Think Good Thoughts In the book of Proverbs 23:7 the bible says that as a man thinketh in his mind so is he. Chapter 4:23 of the same book enjoins us to guard our hearts diligently because the issues of life proceed therefrom. One of the most beautiful counsels in the scriptures on thoughts is recorded in Philippians 4:8. In that verse Paul, the apostle encourages us to focus our thoughts on good, truthful, lovely, praise worthy etc thoughts.

No man rises above the level and quality of his thoughts. Some one said that things are created twice – in the mind and in reality. Inventors will tell you that what sustained their efforts in spite of the odds they had to put up with while they were working on their inventions was the fact that they had the finished product in their minds already.

In 2009 and beyond begin to see yourself dwelling in Canaan. See yourself as a man to be congratulated and not to be pitied. A sage once said: ‘Think you can, think you can’t, either way you will be right’. Those who fail start failing from their minds and those who succeed start doing so from their minds as well. Show me a negative (or failure) thinker that made it and I will convince you that you have confused failure for success!

Speak The Right Language: There is so much to learn from the book of proverbs at times like this. For instance, the book says in chapter 6:2 that the words of a  man becomes a snare (or trap) for him. What you say about your situation will crystallize in your life. An author urged her readers to imagine their words becoming garments that wrap themselves around them (the readers). She then asked the readers what kind of talk wardrobes would they have. Words have life in them. God created the world with words. Words are far from empty! Jesus, our ultimate example in successful living, avoided saying negative things like the plague. At lazarus’ grave He thanked God for always hearing Him (John 11:40); when He had just a few loaves of bread and fishes to feed thousands of people He never forgot to give God thanks before serving the people.(Please see Mark 6 and Mark 8);  what could be more, even when people died He said they were sleeping. In each of His use of positive confessions miracle took place. As you confess positively from today you will encounter miracles in Jesus name.

I strongly advise you, dear Pastor, to mind the language you employ while ministering to your flock. Your job in that church is not to teach people how to survive but how to flourish! Sermons on how to survive hard times are defeatist sermons that can never produce champions. Speak life to your flock and they will all become dwellers in Canaan. The church and its pulpit constitute an incubator for those who will bring healing to their land. To speak negative words on the pulpit is to desecrate it. Preachers fail in teaching the whole counsel of God if they do no say words that will help their church men and women realize their full potentials. Interestingly the same preachers wonder why their churches are wretched while other churches are doing well both spiritually and financially. When your sermons raise mediocre and beggarly people you cannot but end up with a needlessly wretched church. You have sown the wind you must reap the whirlwind.

Do Good Everywhere: In acts 10:38 the bible describes Jesus as doing good where ever He went and healing all that were oppressed of the devil for the singular reason that God was with Him. Those of us who belong to Jesus must realize that God is with us. This should make us do good every where we find ourselves this year and the rest of our lives. You cannot have the Spirit of Jesus in you and be seeking short cut to wealth. Children of God should be solution providers in their communities and in the market place. To call yourself an ambassador of Christ and be pilfering your employer’s stationery or other valuable is to delude yourself.

Make it your daily goal to solve problems any where you find yourself. It is not possible for you to be down while you are helping others to rise. That world renowned Christian philosopher said, and I paraphrase: To become successful, help as many people as possible to become successful. I assure you that God will give you the opportunity to succeed this year by bringing you people who you can help to succeed. This can be in paid employment or in your own business. In Psalm 37:3 the bible assures us that we will be fed if we do good.


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