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Govt should streamline activities of commercial and micro-finance banks—Mrs Helen Oritsejafor

By Sam Eyoboka
CHILDREN of the high and mighty freely dined, wined and interacted with those of the less privileged in the society at a recent children’s programme sponsored by the Word of Life Bible Church, Warri. The children sang, danced and entertained themselves and their parents who took time off their daily routines to watch their wards preaching the gospel of peace in the Niger Delta.


At the end of the programme, we sought audience with the matriarch of the church and the managing director of the church’s Eagle Flight Micro Finance Bank, Pastor (Mrs.) Helen Oritsejafor who shed light on the vision behind the programme and the impact of the bank in the Niger Delta area.
Why did the church come up with this programme?

The life of a child, is a life that cannot be determined. It’s so easy to look at an elderly man and say well, I can tell the need of that man. For a child, it’s almost impossible to do that. Because in a child lies tomorrow, hope, the leadership that Nigerians look forward to.

That is what we are looking for. And we’ve discovered that often times, these children are liberated because even the parents that have them, do not seem to understand what could become of the children’s tomorrow. So, we have taken a painstaking method in saying that we must use today to recognise our children, let them know that we believe in them and see them as the hope for tomorrow, not just in Nigeria, but all over the world, making a mark in their generation.
Is the programme aimed at training children to become leaders of tomorrow?

It is! It is a programme, to start with, like I said, you never can tell, whatever you invest in these children today is what will make them become something tomorrow. Not only being pastors, like you saw one preaching today—for him to be able to face the audience and minister to the people as a minister of God, to let you know that tomorrow he could end up being a governor. Now, in another way, he will be spiritually sound to be able to give good governance to the people.

I heard that you have a special programme for children in the Eagle Flight Micro Fincance Bank…
Very true. At Eagle Flight Micro Finance Bank, we’re recognising the objective of the founder of the bank and the shareholder which is the Word of Life Bible Church. We believe in the total man-building the people and equipping them that build the nation.

What Eagle Flight Micro Finance Bank has been able to do is to also join in celebrating our children and giving both our children and our parents a food for thought, letting them know that; please, set aside something for these children’s tomorrow because nobody knows tomorrow.

With as little as N500 deposit in“Eagle Catch Them Young” with Eagle Flight Micro-Finance Bank, you grow it gradually that will later earn you interest, at the end of the day you’ll be able to save towards that. Another way to it as well, is that instead of waiting till schools fees are due before making frantic efforts to look for funds you can open an account on behalf of the child and


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