June 20, 2009

We need TOTAL football to win Rades — Amiesimaka

By Richard Animam &  Kate Obodo
Former Green Eagles winger   Adokie Amiesimaka is not just an ex-international but one who has administered the game, a member of various committees in the NFA  and a passionate lover of the round leather game.

The Port Harcourt based lawyer  is not new to the Tunisians. He was in the team that lost the 1978 World Cup ticket to the Tunisians at the National Stadium  in Lagos and he believes the Super Eagles can beat Tunisia today in Rades in the on-going 2010 World Cup qualifier only if they come all out to play what he described as TOTAL football.

According to the former Sharks of Port Harcourt Chairman, what Amodu needs is a bunch of committed players who are prepared to play 90 minutes football-attacking and defending, not rookies who are easily intimidated by crowd.

The man who was nicknamed Chief Justice by late ace sports journalist Ernest Okonkwo advised that the Eagles should play like the Brazilians  in the first half against Egypt in the on-going Confederations Cup, stressing that only a total football which will see the Eagles attacking and falling back to defend once they lose the ball will see the Eagles through in Rades.

“North African countries play an all out attacking football at home and they have a vociferous crowd to support them. If we play defensively, we would crack and concede a goal. The best way is to play total football. We should play en masse and once we lose the ball we fall back en masse as well.

If we play this way, they would be conscious of our play and would be forced to play carefully. We do not need rookies in this match, we need players who do not fear the crowd, I heard Amodu say the crowd in Abuja affected some of his players. We do not need players like that. This is a pivotal  match, we  should play like Brazil in the first half against Egypt in the Confederations Cup. Like Dream Team against Belgium last year. Total football, everyone contesting for the ball once Tunisia crosses the center, we should not withdraw to our 18, the way we did against Kenya in Abuja and Mozambique in Maputo.