June 11, 2009

School administrator urges cultural rejuvenation among youths

By Olubusuyi Adenipekun

The rampant disregard for cultural values and low self-esteem among Nigerian youths have been identified as part of the factors contributing to societal decadence.

This view came from the administrator of Grace Schools, Gbagada, Mrs Tokunbo Edun while speaking during the celebration of the schools Art and Cultural week 2009 that held recently for the purpose of creating awareness of the various cultural values inherent in the ways of life of the Nigerian people, adding that only the rejuvenation of cultural values and customs could enhance the potentials of the Nigerian  child.

According to Edun, the British colonial masters did not rule Nigeria up to 100 years but Nigerians have undue preference for the British culture whereas the Indians who were colonized for over 500 years still maintain  and live their cultural values.

“Nigeria was colonized by the British lords for less than 100 years and within that short period we  allowed our values to be eroded completely. Most people no longer speak their native language, wear their traditional dress or even dance to local drums due to low self esteem of their culture”, she said.

She added that the idea of the cultural day was mooted  to assist the pupils and even parents to have the knowledge and understanding of their culture even when the society does not create the opportunity for them to learn it.

She therefore advised parents to create an atmosphere where their children can learn and get used to their native culture for the greater benefit of the society.

“We want the Nigerian child to be proud of their indigenous culture because that is what makes a people what they are. Parents should also try to encourage their children in recognizing the values in their cultures by practicing same in the presence of their wards.

They should teach their children their native language, cook their native food and reduce over exposure to foreign cultures”, She advised.

The Grace Schools Art and Cultural day 2009 witnessed students and parents displaying array of traditional attires, traditional dance and cultural displays. The event lasted for two days.