June 10, 2009

Reinvest profit in Nigeria, Jameel tasks operators at WAFRITEL

Prince Osuagwu
The Group Chief  Operating Officer of Globacom, Mr Mohammed Jameel has canvassed continuous reinvestment of earnings by operators in order to build a stable and extensive network in the country.

Speaking at the West African ICT Congress 2009 which held at the Oceanview Restaurant, Lagos,  Jameel said that operators would be able to overcome the huge challenge of network expansion if they reinvest their profit in developing their network infrastructure.

Jameel,whose presentation was delivered by Mr Peter Schubert, Globacom’s Chief Technical Officer, identified financing new technology upgrades and overhaul of existing technology as some of the major challenges in giving customers the best services. He advised that network operators should plan ahead and inject fresh capital, including re-investing earnings into the network.

Giving insight into the Globacom model of success, Mr Jameel noted the continuous ploughing back of earning by the Nigerian network has seen it grow and expanded at a faster rate.

He said that the practice in Globacom from the beginning was to continually reinvest earnings every now and then to meet the target of building the biggest and best network on the continent.

He noted that in the past six years, Globacom has effectively combined the benefits of technologies of fixed, mobile, gateway and undersea cable. He identified the aggregate success of the application of these technologies in meeting consumer needs as being responsible for large businesses choosing Globacom to provide cutting edge services both for voice and data.

Jameel said Globacom offered a large array of products and a bouquet of value added services for a classy segment of corporate desirous of moving their businesses forward through the use of the latest technology available.

To further whet the appetite of Nigerians, he disclosed the imminent completion of the Glo1 submarine cable infrastructure linking Europe to West Africa with a dedicated link to the United States. The 9,330 kilometre long undersea cable is running from United Kingdom and will have landing points in Portugal as well as in Lagos and Bonny in Nigeria. It is expected to provide 640Gbit/s capacity, enough to satisfy the needs in the country and the entire West African sub region.

He also disclosed the plan to roll out 300,000 fixed lines across the major cities in the country. In line with this plan, the implementation of 72,000 lines has already started for key corporate and individual subscribers in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin and Kano, while the national fibre backbone infrastructure is progressing accordingly across the country.

The fixed line service from Globacom provides Voice, Data, Leased Circuit, Video Conferencing and Video/Audio Bridging services for its customers