June 16, 2009

Rate of poverty threat to nation’s stability, cleric warns

By Victor Ahiuma-Young
EKPOMA—The Bishop of Esan Diocese of Anglican Church, Edo State, Rt. Reverend Friday Imaekhai, has warned that the level of poverty and injustice in the country constitutes a threat to national stability and called for a total rebirth to save the nation from calamity.

Revered Imaekhai, who delivered a sermon at the Church service at St Paul’s Anglican Church, Iruekpen-Ekpoma, Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State, during the burial of late Revered Canon Osariere Adodo, father of  Edo State Commissioner for Land, Survey and Housing, Comrade Didi Adodo, lamented that there were a lot of evil and injustice in the country.

The clergyman decried the crave for material wealth and other mundane things by Nigerians, especially Christians, with total disregard to the tenets of the faith that they profess.

He posited that if all those who claim to be Christians behaved like true Christians, the nation would have been a better place, and lamented that most of those who say they are Christians are hypocrites, advising them to prepare for death because it is inevitable.

He asked rhetorically:  “Who is the next to die? Can anybody volunteer to be the next person to die?

But somebody will die next. The day of our death is not known to us. It is uncertain to us; it is only God that knows the day of our death.

“Very many Christians are hypocritical in their Christianity. There is too much evil, there is too much injustice, there is too much poverty in the land. Today, everything goes in Nigeria, yet we say we are Christians.

“Because we are not conscious of death, we commit so much evil, crime against ourselves. If all those who profess Christianity behave like true Christians, our society will not be permeated with evil, crime and injustices. Everywhere, people are seeking for justice.

“We need a rebirth that will take care of human dignity, we need transformation of values not material and mundane things”.

As Christians, we should seek for the common good. As Christians, we should tell the truth at all times and at all circumstances.”