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Our leaders are wicked

By Ebele Orakpo

At Egbeda Bus stop Thursday, the usual Lagos traffic was gradually building up and everyone was praying to get home before the heavens opened its bowels with heavy downpour.

Suddenly, a newspaper vendor passed with some of his wares on display.

The bold headline of one of the national dailies caught the attention of everyone. It read: ‘Panic as poisonous rice floods Nigerian markets” with the rider:

Harmful Asian ‘LL62’ staple food rejected in Sierra Leone found way to Sokoto, Kaduna, others.

This headline immediately sparked off heated discussions as almost everyone started to speak at the same time. The headline irked some parliamentarians that one of them who identified himself as Mr. Moses said: “This is what happens to a country that depends solely on importation of goods to meet its domestic demand. In such a situation, anything can happen”.

Grace, another parliamentarian said: “Our leaders are a bunch of wicked people who don’t care about the people they are supposed to be leading. All they care about is themselves and their generations yet unborn, how to steal enough and store up for them while the masses are dying for lack of the basic things they need to survive”.

Mr. Bosun was so pissed off that he stated categorically: “As a matter of fact, I have stopped praying for these so-called leaders because instead of getting better, they are getting worse.

God will definitely judge them. As the saying goes: God’s verdict cannot be appealed. It is final. They forget so soon what happened to the late General Sani Abacha who thought he was above death”. Another parliamentarian picked it from there.

“The people are not even helping matters,” noted Mr. Lawal. “I was so irritated when I listened to some students of the University of Abuja being interviewed on what they feel about the ASUU strike.

I had expected them to let the world know that our leaders don’t care about the education sector because none of their children attend schools in Nigeria and that is why they don’t care about the welfare of lecturers.

A professor will serve his country for years and at the end of it all, he has nothing to show for it and yet a local government chairman or councillor for that matter earns so much,” he quipped.

“Of course, the easiest way to become a billionaire overnight in Nigeria is by becoming a politician,” chipped in Isaac.

“You are right. All our politicians know how to do well is how to share money. You won’t believe that some of our lawmakers who were elected or is it ‘selected’ by their people to represent them end up representing themselves, getting all the allowances and contributing nothing to make life better for their people,” stated Moses.

“Of course, only a handful of them know what they are doing,” said Grace. “I was really impressed by one lawmaker from Benue State who said he was not there for what he would gain for himself but for his people who sent him there.

He said he was from a very humble home and knew what he passed through before getting to where he is today so he will not waste that opportunity. He must do something for his people,” she concluded.

To this, Bosun said: “I wish they will work so that posterity will remember them for good”.


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