June 14, 2009

Nigeria is at a cross-road — CSMG


AS the country continues to reflect on its ten years of civil rule, the coordinator, Civil Society Monitoring Group on the Ekiti re-run election, Dr. Otive Igbuzor, has said it is not time to lament about the challenges of electoral democracy in the country.

Rather, he wants Nigerians to organize and take the right route that would lead to growth, improved well being.

Igbuzor at a press briefing  in Lagos yesterday during the public presentation of CSMG on Ekiti- Re-run Election Report said although the election provided a ray of hope for possible change of attitude the group’s experience on the way the election was conducted was a clear demonstration that the hope was unfulfilled.

He pointed out that since 1999 when the country embraced civil rule goodwill which was a necessity to mobilize the creative potential of citizens for development of any nation has been squandered by the political elite adding that there is a lot of cynicism and anger in the land.

“Many people prefer to resort to self-help rather than utilize formal and legal mechanism to resolve disputes and conflicts which are part and parcel of all human endeavour. The situation in Niger-Delta is a great tragedy for our nation and portends danger if not addressed”

Igbuzor noted that the 2007 election was the worst in the history of elections in the country emphasizing that the time is ripe for individuals, organizations and the country leaders to put all machinery in motion to redress the situation.