June 9, 2009

It’s a 90-minute game, Alloy Agu pleads to fans

By  Onochie Anibeze

Alloy Agu is pleading to Nigerian fans to understand that there are 90 minutes regular time frame  in a match of football.
His plea came on the heels of the jeering of the fans when Eagles were having difficult times even as they led 1-0 in Sunday’s World Cup qualifier against Kenya.

Eagles scored early in the second minute through Ike Uche. It however turned a difficult one for them as the weather took its toll and the Kenyans raised their game. The early goal possibly made the fans think they would have an easy run. But Kenya had three unbelievable chances to score and possibly gain a lead. Their ball possession also tensed up the atmosphere in the stadium and the Nigerian fans protested their play by jeering and some hauling  objects to different directions. But it all changed when two goals came in quick succession and made the day for Nigeria.

“Please, help us tell Nigerian fans to appreciate that a football match ends after 90 minutes. We appreciate the fans a lot. We can’t do without them. But they should understand that within the 90 minutes anything can happen. Yes, we had a difficult game but they needed to continue cheering us till the end of the game. When they boo in times of difficulty what difference will they say that they have contributed in the success of a team? We need them more when things are tough.” Fatai Amoo agreed and added his voice in appealing to the fans to always show relentless support. He recalled the calls he received commending them for their selection of players for the match and how same people called after the match to say different things.