June 16, 2009

Helios Towers boss preaches co-location at Arab world

Following the   impressive performance of the company and the manifest expertise of the company in Telecom Infrastructure development, Engr. Fazal Hussain was invited by ARAMCOM group to discuss the benefits of infrastructure sharing in ICT development .He spoke on  the topic  “ Building Infrastructure for Convergence”

The  Arabcom 2009 Telecom Summit  has its theme  as  focusing Broadband as a necessity for Socio Economic development & Growth. The event was held at Habtoor Grand Hotel, Beirut , Lebanon from 20_29 May, 2009
Since its inception, Arabcom had been keen through its successive activities in developing the infrastructure of the nation on embodying the objectives for which the Arabcom Summit has been initiated in 1998 in Beirut.

The summit was first launched in order to be the first of its kind in bridging the digital divide in the region and to eliminate the divergence between the government and private sectors in all Arab countries and the developing countries at large.

This matchless event has been able to rally the Arab ranks and create channels of communication between decision_makers of telecommunication ministers and the representatives of the relevant private sectors and the investors in this field.

As a result, Arabcom has achieved landslide success and attracted a large number of international experts, world and regional organizations and businessmen, both on the international and Arab levels.

The CEO of Helios Towers  addressed representatives of over 500 companies  that attended the summit  including  Katia Tayar, Founder & President of Arabcom group, H. E. Eng Jebrane Bassile Minister of Telecom , Republic of Lebanon, H.E. Dr Imad Al Sabouni , Minister of Communications & Technology of Syrian Arab Republic, H.E. Eng Bassem Al Rousan, Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Jordan  , H.E. Farouq Abdel Kader Abdel Rahman, Minister of Telecom